DM: ReddestMage
Heros: Ogis, Antonio, Hanna, Zak, Lellara, Jub

So there I was drinking my mojito when a group began to gather. The GQE portal had been cleared but now came the time to figure were on this damnable island it laid. Knowing only that there was a coast to the east of the portal we hoped though and set our sights to the south east.

The first night we came under siege of odd undead creatures. They made no attempt to parley, no any indications for any interest outside of our death. Ogis, Antonio, and Zak made up the lance and held the front line for the conflict while Jub, Lellara, and I provided support form the rear.

The second day we continued our journey to find some huge lizards being set upon by massive shrubs. The things were tough as bark, and had a mean bite. In the end we managed to save two of the lizards and found bodies of long dead humanoids tangled inside of the bushes. I feels odd wearing the boots of a dead man, but the craftsmanship on them is impeccable. They fit purrrfectly, are amazing comfortable, and magically silence my footfalls.

Upon our third night we were set on by a massive owl like creature. Jub did his best to make friends with the beast, but it felt us to be food not friends. The battle was fierce as the after effects of the sausage i made form its corpse. The rest of its body I dumped a measure from camp, and a good thing I did as a thing twice its size carried off the owls large body off to the center of the forest in but one talon. Near the end of our third day we arrived at Port Mirandia and used the FOT portal to return home.

See for more info
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