“So we went up to the new Port Town to get some intel for the builders to start building the new town and let me tell you, that was an interesting job.  When we left Ruined Oak there was quite a storm brewing, we even saw what might have been the start of a tornado in the far-off distance.” 

“We get to the portal with all the stones needed, make sure you always get those before you leave so you don’t have to go back, and even me, who has no knowledge of the arcane and was just a simple soldier prior to coming to the island, could tell something funky was happening.  Sender goes up to do arcane mumbo-jumbo things and out pops one of the weirdest creatures I have ever seen!  It tries to hurt my friends and this makes me angry so I charge forward and suddenly….I am not where I was.  My mind felt like scrambled eggs for a bit so I don’t know exactly what happened.  All I could really make out was a bunch of statues surrounding me.  Not even a minute later though my friends join me much to my relief.  I join in trying to understand our surroundings and an individual stepped forward.  He is of the githyanki race and came off as a bit of nerd but alright.  Says his name was Duri’ Manon… he said we could call him Manon but I’ll write down his name.”

Joule writes down Duri’ Manon’ oi Ilth’hilashy.

“After some conversation come to find out Manon is a researcher of portals.  A portal doctor if you will.  He has diagnosed the reason our portals have been acting so funky is due to a residual buildup caused obsidian corrosion.  Apparently, we are not using the right type of obsidian for our portals and we need the good obsidian from the Flame Peaks to stabilize the portals.  I have never heard of such a place.  Anyway, he said our portal we came through is busted but there is a portal in the Forest of Thorns we can use if we can get past the guardians and he agreed to lead us to that portal.”

“Forest of Thornes portal at X.”

“We make our way to that portal meeting some of the locals who trade in herbs, clothing items, and cloth dolls and almost getting eaten by flowers.  No, I am not kidding, flowers almost ate me.”

“Nom Nom”

“We finally make it to the portal and Sixer goes squirrel and attempts to do some reconnaissance while Rimmy talks to snakes.  I am trying to figure out how I got stuck with this group when a fireball goes streaking through the air toward Sender and all hell breaks loose. We fight these crazy snake creatures and when they die a YUGE monkey snake thing comes out of the hole in the middle of where I assumed the portal was.”

Fly my pretties! Fly!

“It beats up poor Oogway and out of all the madness I see little Sixer scurrying away, I don’t know what he does but suddenly there is a bright flash of light and we are back in White Moon Cove.  We finally kill the monkey snake thing and we have to make our way back to the portal in the Forest of Thornes to get our loot.  The portal doctor dipped out before the fight even began but we find him again nerding out over the portal and he comes back to White Moon Cove with us.  There’s no place like home I guess.”