Dungeon Master: Tam

Player Characters: Cober, Don, Emma, Karn, Nahil, Tenfoll’at, Tor



It is I, your friendly hobgoblin (If you disagree with that, stop going through my belongings). On this fine day, I was hanging out with Cober and discussing our recent findings; the upcoming attack on Port Mirandia. I don’t know how many of you heard about the expression that walls have ears and let me tell you, a group of adventurers appeared around us. The only individual I recognized was Don. After introducing ourselves, we thought it might be good to go gnoll scouting and inform the rest of the town about our findings if we make it back alive.


We headed towards the Neathy Woods where we heard rumours about it being a good place to start. We stopped by the tavern and asked the barkeeper if they had any information about the gnolls. Sheppard, the Firbolg from the tavern accompanied us to the Neathy Woods and introduced us to two green Kobolds named Zur and Zer.


They started walking ahead and we followed them, no one questioned them. I have read stories about people following other individuals in the woods and it never ends well. As we traveled, we noticed some white smoke in the distance, it was too far for us to see what that was about. We moved towards that direction to find there is some black smoke coming from the opposite way. Someone in the party mentioned that the black smoke is from the bad ones so the party headed into that direction.


We approached a farmstead recently set ablaze and discovered a group of gnolls further trashing the facilities. The two kobolds stepped behind and let us deal with the gnolls that set the barn on fire. As we were engaging with some of them in battle, a few of them escaped. Once the farm was clear, we investigated the premises and found a map.


The party returned to White Moon Cove and informed the other inhabitants about the map we found and how it might be tied to the gnoll attacking us.


Hopefully your favourite hobgoblin on the island will survive another adventure.