The Great Elder Bunny God

It was a beautiful day and all I wanted to do was go to the beach….

We set out with Thorg leading and Zok as our intrepid goblin blazer of trails. Orianna was our scout. We found a small abandoned campfire and reached the outpost w/o futher issue. Zok the confused goblin (he thinks he’s an orc warlord) was bored with the action and found the “Cave of Nope Rope” and wanted to go there. We said no. Snek caught us a nice deer. I dragged it back to camp as Snek (a kobold) was punching a bit above his weight. Zok wanted to pillage the local farms -_-

We met an evil gnome who sent us into a trap of Evil Vorpal Cthulu Hell Bunnies. While grotesque the bunnies did prove rather easy foes.

I discovered a new species of Cthulu bunnies! Huzzah for science! The larger bunnies were infested with Bone Worms. After dealing with the outside rabbits Orianna mage handed the door of the homestead open to discover…. MORE Hellbunnies! Yay… “Guys, remember we could have been at the beach,” I said. One of the bunnies decimated Orianna in one bite, but Sneks saved her with a Goodberry. Otherwise, these bunnies were also dispatched with aplomb. Afterwards, we gathered all the vegetables and placed them in a wagon to bring back to town.

Next, instead of going home we checked another house…. and met the Great Elder Bunny God! Fur-Zulu!!! As we fell upon the G.E.B.G I jumped through the window picking out shards of glass and attacking with Green Flame Blade. Other spells seemed to bounce off him though. In the end we prevailed and made it back to the Cove.