GM: Reddestmage.
Players: Sylvan, Haru, Tar, Joule, Te’sil, Zak

We returned to WHI;
My soul ready to explore,
Though it’s been a while.

Rose cured my friend Zak
From the parasite within.
I’m happy for him.

Urged to head below,
We obliged and headed down.
Red lights swirled above.

Bodies plagues the halls,
Cause of death ambiguous
We treaded with care.

Lore, guard and mirror
It’s purpose remains unknown.

Chambers filled with fire,
Though only Te’sil was burnt.
Our caution paid off.

Darkness spread like gas,
Light protecting those close
From mind tampering.

Guardians of gold
Shimmering insanity
Purchase hard to find.

Then the dark descent,
Into the welcoming depths
that awaited us.

Creature of darkness
Consisting of three creatures
One large and two thin.

A battle ensues.
The creatures are connected
The large was the source.

Today we prevail,
Though I sense there’s more to come.
I will await it.