DM: Waylander
Feb 3, 2022
RCB – Twee, 12, 1 Cleric, 2 Fighter, 9 Ranger
Wade – Griters, 11, 11 Wizard
Tootired78 – 16, 1 Cleric, 15 Bard
Trulhammaren – Nog, 13, 13 Fighter
Kiwi – Jyn 10, 10 Cleric
Konopa – Gau 12, 12 Druid
Arden – Katla, 12, 12 Fighter

“Eight had a tip, a mission about a cloud we fought not too long ago. I don’t know the full story, but apparently, he didn’t just get our attention. (See: Smoke and Pillars | Sleeper Island EU ). The mission was simple; head to the Tempest Plains and stop whatever it is that’s destroying these Obelisks, monoliths, pillars, whatever you call ’em. Knowing that our allies, the JubJubs of Grackisturgh may be involved, I asked Ambassador Gimlet. He didn’t know too much, but he did tell us there are a few pillars in the area, but there was no recent news due to the reports from Grackisturgh arriving late. We decided to travel along the road eastward, figuring something may have intercepted him on the way there.”

“Road was quiet. We came upon some big goblin tracks near the Silent Forest, I think I saw some logs about it a while back. Don’t know what they’re doing in *that* area though.”

“Wasn’t too long after that we found some blood on the road, and a messenger chomped to pieces, a dwarf. We searched his things and found a puzzle box. A few of us put our heads together solved it without setting off the magic spell on it. The note read as follows. I cannot share the full contents of the note here, as I promise my discretion to the ambassador, but I will say that it mentioned a vision from some sort of diviner of a dark presence in the hills of the Tempest plains. (For details, contact the One called Twee in the Potted Plant just after dawn.) We wrapped up the messenger and delivered him to the JubJub outpost, then headed towards the hills in a rush. On the way, we past the Bloodeye, who mentioned the occasional cloak figure passing through, but, on the road, this is nothing too unfamiliar.”

“We continued onward, north towards the hills. On the way, we found a wizard cooking her breakfast alongside a dead body. Something smelled awry, but stranger things had happened. The immediate concern was free food and rummaging for any information. We found a note on him, this one I can share freely.

Larry known more than he willing to say. I am sure that he holds some key to the mystery of the plain in that damned library.

“We met the wizard, her name Merla. Claimed to have been heading into town to buy some components from the JubJub’s. We could tell she wasn’t lying by saying that she found the man dead, but I know better than anyone that truths can lie as well. We agreed to travel with her, asking questions as we continued. Bardy in particular kept close to her, trying to make sure she wasn’t going to jump us.”

“As we continued north, we found the Smoke Cloud, and he was surprisingly forthcoming. He explained to us his goal, to destroy the Obelisks and allow the limits on magic to be lifted on the island, to allow his masters to come here to the Material Plane. Katla did well to try and coax more out of him. His name was Gal’gorod, a fiend of some type. He served the Followers of Hydri, whoever that is. In trying to ascertain his allegiances, we asked him of Leonid, a known element on the island that exists in opposition to the Council; He feigned ignornace, but we could glean a glimmer of recognition in his eye. While this was going on, Bardy kept his eye on Merla, but she seemed more interested in us and our reaction than in the creature.”

“Katla ran up after we talked a while and smote the thing the best she could, but it simply poofed, clear to us it was some image projected before us and used to communicate. We then rested for the night, and then closed in on Merla. It was a tired affair, and eventually I outed her by casting a spell, Detect Evil and Good, and she counterspelled me. Katla could hear her thoughts for a time as we questions, and there was something sad about it. Wanting the approval of others, of her master, so deeply, wanting to keep appearances, wanting to serve and hide. She was revealed as a succubus.”

“She shifted to the border Ethereal, Bardy recognizing as much as she fled. We decided our best bet was to camp here for the night, and that’s when the winds and cold crept in. I knew something was amiss, especially since we had let the fiendess go, but we huddle together in that hut.”

“It wasn’t long before they dropped on us, some of that being literal given he dropped himself like a swarm of meteors on a majority of the party that decide to bunch up like some amateurs, but thanks to some lucky swings of the brutes and some unfortunate misses on the part of Gal’gorod, we managed to survive and force the Balor Lord to flee. Merla was sent back to the hells the hard way as well.”

“We continued to the structure, finding it intact, but also finding the corpse of a Hag of the Winter Wastes, perhaps the one that caused the storm, slashed to bits with a whip of flames. While we were disappointed to see that this was a dead end for now, we decided to count our blessings that we had slowed the fiendish goals down, and returned home.”

-The One Called Twee

Merla’s disguise
Path to Obelisk, fight happened just west.
Map of Anamolies from amabassador Gimlet. Cyan, Blue and Red depict Obelisk locations. Green is Grackisturgh. Yellow is gnoll territory.