Here be dragons,

Sleeper Island EU has remastered the world map with more detail and character, all of this had been made possible with the generosity of our Patrons.
You can find the new and improved map at:


The new login information can be received from one of the moderators after sending them a private message.

As you might have noticed there are no comments on the new map, this is where you come in.

We are asking the player base to move over any comments that the player base still deems worthy to the new map using the comment format laid out on the map page.

We have our DM side but some of the DM’s are no longer with us and some story lines have been dropped, we have been picking up the good and special story lines from the DM’s that have left and with this migration of comments we can see where the player base would like us to focus our limited energy.

MK and I have worked very hard and closely together on the map and thanks through MK’s artistic talents it has turned out awesome.