Gathering at the Bitter Dwarf

DM- Geo

1. Leader: Carric 6 Fighter / 3 Barbarian

2. Scout: Inti – 5 Cleric

3. Trailblazer: Cally 3 Rogue / 2 Warlock

4.  Ogis 9 Cleric

5. Till 1 Cleric / 6 Sorcerer

6. Ou-Kan 6 Sorcerer

7. Abel 7 Paladin


Mission- Hunt Purple Worms For Thier Poison

To Rehope

We traveled the road west from Ruined Oak and spent a night at the outpost. Next morning we continued westward until we saw a sign “Rehope Trading Post” and made a stop. Ou-Kan bought some new magical ammo for his crossbow.  It was Thunderstone Ammo they also had Firecracker Arrows and Moon Arrows. We asked who to speak to in Rehope about a trade agreement and were told Mordahiem was the man to see. Inti and Cally also bought some jewerly.  A Dwarf named Todd lead us from the trading post to Rehope but we had to rest in the mountians…

We were awoken by two creatures coming our way and Cally letting out a scream for us to wake up. The bug like creature had a reach and the ability to shoot webs. We won the fight and returned to sleep. Next morning we arrived at Rehope.

Meeting Mordahiem

We entered the city of Rehope and gota meeting with Mordahiem. He told us of the Temple of Decent to enter the underdark.

He refered us to Willy Wart to obtain and map of what they have explored for themselves down there.

A Spike in the Dark

After walking in the land of the Drow for a few ours we decided to test the magical spike that Zak got to attract Purple Worms. He stuck it in the ground and struck it and quickly removed it after it made a sound. We heard some noises and in a few seconds were surronded by undead.

It was a trickey fight since were became surrounded. We all survived though with the skulls throwing balls of green flame and the watery undeads absorbing our hits. 

And Then There Was Worms... Baby Ones

We decided to take some time to rest and that is when the spikes magic decided to work as two purple wormlings popped out from under us.

These were only baby worms, but in the battered condition from the previous fight we took them very seriously. We quickly took them down and finished out rest. We extracted a small amount of poison from both worms enough to only fill one empty antitoxin vial.

To Ruined Oak

Walking out of the underdark we went past a statue of a dwarf. 

We did not inspect it further but it was down in the underdark. We came back to the  surface and picked up a letter from Mordahiem about trade agreements. We headed back to Ruined Oak after this. Just as we were leaving the mountians we found tracks of some sort of beasts going towards a lair. We decided to head home instead of look into it further.  We pushed onward to Ruined Oak.