Gm geokhan

Yatari, Valorean, Otis, the Imp’s Servant, Cade, and Jub.

It’s me again my little devils! I was so excited about this last mission was on. Half was because Valorean’s horse was gonna be there but mostly because I had a foolproof way to become famous in Katashaka. I say had because some dumb old portal ruined it all.

So I found out the new town Port Mirandia needed to utilize a portal in the Forest of Thorns because the local one was all broken and stuff. Thanks to my latest windfall I decided to fund a road from one to the other and name it the Yatari Silverkin Memorial Highway. Children in that town were going to grow up knowing my name! It was the perfect plan!

I lead a group of us with some builders through the portal in Lake of Song. When we arrived I saw that cute portal doctor I’ve been reading about. I ran up and introduced my self, he was obviously very flustered with meeting someone as amazing as yours truly, he started getting shy and said something about personal space. It really is hard being beautiful.

It was about this time I heard a large crack of lightning, I turned astonished to see all the workers over but the portal crumbling. The portal doctor started losing it saying no over and over like a child who is being told to bathe. We were told the portal was dead…

My little devils, I was very miffed about this. I just sunk my wealth into a road to nowhere. Apparently, 48 creatures and two wagons were just too much for the ancient portal to handle. The workers started losing it. I told them I’d pay their wages even with us not building the road. But how do we get home?

Luckily the good doctor had a plan. Apparently the control stone was still fully functional and would make a great fix for the portal at Port Mirandia. Jub the adorable goblin began work on constructing a sled for Valoreans horse Zephyr to pull the stone with some grit the boys had it loaded and we were on our way to Port Mirandia.

As we caravan through the forest we were set upon by a very demanding dryad who wouldn’t give her name. She was apparently fearful of name magic. What a smart cookie. We had Cade talk to her as she only spoke elvish and primordial, at least that’s what valorean said about these dryads.

She seemed very insistent on us combatting the blights. Apparently, their God-King Tarnel was growing stronger by the day and she fears the dryad may fall at their hands. The ever chivalrous Valorean said our people would come back to fight the blight. I think valorean has a thing with being the story tale knight in shining armor.

We made headway and moved east out of the forest and made camp by a gentle stream. No sooner had most of us turned in were we all woken up to faeri infestation. Once again these little buggers had their one-track mindedness to dance. As fun as it sounds, they always pick the worst time to do this. We tried negotiation and eventually, they got bored of us resisting their charms and with a few jumps, we got them to scatter away.

I spent my watch talking to the Imp but his servant kept interrupting and the imp would have to explain what we were talking about in infernal. The imp had nicknamed his servant master which I thought was super cute. The morning came and we were told some of our party saw a glowing hole in the ground for someone to investigate later. I will mark it on the map.

We set off across the plains to a mostly uneventful day till we were ready to camp and found a traveling merchants wagon beset by large hungry wolves. We rushed to push the wolves off. Jub was able to talk to their pack leader and convinced them to go hunt the herd of deer we saw earlier.

The merchant was a very interesting one. He was cautious which is smart in these areas. He had not heard of our towns on the other side of katashaka. He makes his living selling linen to the goblin fishing clan south of our location, the tum tums southeast of us and a place called Sharalom. He also told us the area we are in was known locally as the plain of thorns. I made a ploy to read his inner thoughts when I learned he was doing the same to me. We both had a laugh for it. He was able to have his wagon fixed and was off on his way.

We set camp and during mine and the Imps watch suddenly we were surrounded by hundreds of disembodied arms. The hands scrawled through the grass in swarms towards us. I saw the fear in the eyes of everyone. Nothing made sense. The blast of eldritch laced the battlefield, bolts of fire, the clash of steel all for naught. The hands kept crawling. I launched a thunderous explosion towards them and they seemed to multiply. Death was coming for us, finger my finger to wrap its icy cold hand around our necks and snuff the light out from within. Then we all awoke from our shared dream. mysterious and exciting.

The next morning we made our way across the bridge and into Port Mirandia. On the outskirts we came upon war ostriches, Jub talked to them and made some friends. Once inside the domed temple, the good doctor fixed the portal which is now working as good as new. The doctor did mention that the special obsidian we seek was in the tum tum mountain range, there we would find the fiery home of the obsidian.

So my little devils, for now, the Yatari Silverkin Memorial Highway is postponed. Until next time, stay safe, brush your teeth, and dance in the moonlight.

With love,