DM: Seph

Party: Zugall – leader

Shrieker – Scout

Oxalis – Trailblazer

Morran R.I.P.

Jager R.I.P.


Crazy Bunnies!!!

The party left Ruined out and headed South East of town to the Ishah Planes to where the known location of a Bugbear by the name of Broc Lee as he may have information in regards to a potential healer for the town to hire. As soon as we left town not even a morning trip out we came across several fleeing townsfolk heading our direction being chased by “ball of death” which was a bunch of hideous looking bunnies that had tendrils coming out of their mouths. We were able to quickly take them out. The townsfolk said they would be able to make it the rest of the way ack and thanked them for the assistance.

Strange Cave ad Well

As we moved on the rest of the day was uneventful. We make camp and the night was rather uneventful. During my watch I did come across a terra-cotta tile well that had several dead animals and what looked to be a cave of some sorts in the distance. We didn’t attempt to investigate it but marked down the location for a potential scouting mission later on.

Crazy Goblins!

As we moved on the next day we were suddenly ambushed by a dozen crazy goblins and two wild boar. After being surrounded and slowly picking them all off we continued on till we came across some brewer that was selling a drink that was known as a potion of confidence, a majority of the party bought one of the cups and we headed on with our travels.

Old Man Jerry

We came across a man by who went by Jerry Springfoot. He was known to some party members that were with us and he told us since we were looking for Broc for the information of the healer for the town he said that we must be talking about Lady Moonbeam. She is a druid that is looking to complete some celestial scrolls she has been working on that the pages are spread out in the area. He said there was a page that he knows out in the Silent Forest off to the east. He did warn us NOT to read out the writing once we kil al the animals unless we wanted an animal to come to life. The scroll we were going to go get was known as a tazer phazer, I believe and was the home of an electrical spider of sorts. He showed us on our map the location of the cave and we decided to head that way.

Griffin Attack

On our way to the cave once we entered the forest we were attacked by some griffins that swooped down at us and attacked us. We were able to knock them all down after some of the party members took some heavy damage.

Its Electrifying!!

Once we came to the cave entrance we saw webbing on the sides and interior walls that seemed to be electrified. As we entered more we came across these small spiders that attacked us that had quite a jolt of electricity in them. We then came to a final opening that had a very huge spider that attacked us with many different abilities it had knocking two of our companions down, we lost Moran and Jager. After some time and many adventurers falling unconscious we were able to slay the spider leaving the scroll we came to find. We left the cave and hurried back to town before we lost anymore people. We had Zugall bring the scroll back to town with him so if and when we decide to leave town again to bring the scroll to Broc to get the information on the Druid that an help us…