Tl;dr: Adventurers from Ruined Oak guard workers while they finish an outpost south of the Silent Forest.

Future Adventure Notes:
•An outpost south of the Silent Forest has been completed.
•Teeth placed in a cup of water might summon the fey Tooth Fairy, who will give a silver coin.
Zoddoroth, a demon servant of Baphomet, is in the Nealthy Woods looking for a fight, possibly a duel. A vestige of Baphomet is near his location.
Erebor was last seen traveling west of the newly constructed outpost.
•Amethyst dragons a resistant to, and use force damaging attacks.

Session Title: Calmseeker’s 100th Session Special
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date : 25 Jun 2022 @ 16:05 UTC
Session Risk: 6

Balthier (Rogue 11) (played by Konopa)
Barry (Cleric 5/ Fighter 5/ Wizard 1) with a skeletal swarm and Owl the Familiar (played by Tootired78)
Jyn (Cleric 12) (played by Kiwi)
Katla (Fighter 15) with Blink the Blink Dog (played by Arden)
Lysing (Sorcerer 14) (played by Geokhan)
Valorean (Paladin 6/Sorcerer 10) with Azure the griffon (played by Mal)

Barry and group gather in Ruined Oak, guard worker while work, finish outpost. Barry and group follow road, south. Eldritch Balthier see shallow grave, limestone gravestone overgrown with ivy. Barry hear Tempus call for new warrior. Barry find dragonborn skeleton in coffin and Tempus power restore Barry. Later, Eldritch Balthier sense wild magic zone, then test wild magic, grow feather beard.

Barry and group and many worker sleep at outpost, have quiet night. Next day peaceful travel, arrive at started outpost by end day. During night, Barry see Zoddoroth a demon who serve Baphomet, fly over, but away from Barry and group. Barry remember, meet him before. There was success at finishing an outpost | Sleeper Island EU


Peaceful night again, powerful demon not included. Worker work all day next day. Barry and group find cloud giant skull on ground, big impact. Forge-mistress Jyn say skull burned with fire, torn off with claw, three day before. Giant Lysing say put skull on outpost alongside old wheel found day before near outpost.

Later in day, Eldritch Balthier find metal pole in ground, with Infernal inscription. “To those that wield greatswords and seek to face the might of a servant of Baphomet, seek Zoddoroth on the northern edges of the Neathy Woods! I sense the vestige of Baphomet is near there as well. Worthy foes are welcome.” Psychic Katla think sound fun.

Creature approach, hostile intent. Barry and group fight, a nycaloth, spirit troll, grave robber and Futsunushi, flying gith spellcaster with many sword float around. Barry not like this fight. Futsunushi enter Barry, make Barry hurt group. Dragonborn Valorean punch Barry until Barry not know what happen. Barry wake up, Futsunushi dead. Barry think Tempus will approve this new warrior.


Later, wagonfolk come through. Here to fish, pass by. Look for teeth, offer them to fey called Tooth Fairy. Say put teeth in cup with water, Tooth Fairy will give silver. Wagonfolk buy teeth from skeleton. Next night peaceful, but last watch see fey hover over giant skull, remove tooth, place silver beneath.

Fourth day start, worker work. Eldritch Balthier see turkey feather. Barry happy they normal turkey feather, not abomination turkey feather. Then see many giant blue strawberry with green seed. Barry give Owl one, Owl like Forge-mistress Jyn very much after for bit.

Later, undead knight come through. It Erebor, who Barry see before too, same adventure as Zoddoroth. Erebor armor damaged and Erebor and skeletal steed have many wound. Erebor say fight Zoddoroth, but gith interfere and he not win fight. New skeleton likely same gith.

Erebor say Zoddoroth now more flexible in weapon choice, not just great sword. Zoddoroth prefer two broadsword, but will fight with and against other weapon. In true form, Zoddoroth fly, have fire and necrotic attack, maybe more than that. Zoddoroth was in Nealthy wood. Erebor then bid safe travel, leave west, try find more demon.

Barry and group and many worker attacked by two hungry purple dragon, one big. Also oaken bolter and fey eladrin, also hungry. Fey eladrin make Eldritch Balthier dance, then make friend. Try make Barry friend, but Barry not fey friend. Purple dragon make forceful breath. Barry and group win. Worker finish outpost.

Barry and group sleep at new outpost then travel back to Ruined Oak safely.