Date: 03/17/2020

By: Freyja

DM: GeoKhan

Group: Arkady, Babushka, Fiver, Freyja, GreGory, Grimlock, Lionel, Manek, Osric, Rhoshar, Tehran, Yatari.

After spending my first few days in town settling in and spending all my coin on supplies and other necessities, I needed to find a mission so I could earn some gold and get myself some ale – part of the necessities of life. 

It was my luck that a large party that was heading out decided to allow me to join them last minute. Being my first time into the wild, I have decided to just follow orders and take in and learn as much as I could from my more experienced companions. 


Our first encounter was with a group of four bandits that were trying to ask for payment to cross the brook that was dividing the road we were traveling on. 

While trying to negotiate with them, a blast of fire took out a few of us, including me. Falling unconscious during our first confrontation it’s not how I wanted to start this adventure! Also, next time I’m not leaving town without my crossbow.

We captured one of the bandits, just a simple man who seemed to be intimidated into taking part in this scheme, and got some information out of him:

  • There is a bandit camp in the area.
  • An elf nicknamed “Cutter”, with a black lightning bolt tattoo on its neck, is part of this plot.
  • “Tsaran controls legions of undead.”


After the encounter with the bandits, we were contemplating taking a little rest to recover after the fight, and we were looking for a spot across the brook to do so, when someone noticed a well on the side of the road. We were told by some of the more experienced adventurers that wells on this island are magical things and you never know what might happen when you get close to them. And this one was definitely magical in nature. 

It was a simple stone well with two carved imps holding the small roof. The structure was in great condition and seemed to be very well maintained, and most strange, the water was fluid and clear in spite of the extreme freezing temperatures.

The teal-colored kobold in our group decided to go ahead and try the water, and shortly after a dragon that seemed to be made of water, appeared on top of the well. The kobold, Fiver, did not seem hurt or scared by it, on the contrary, it seemed that they were receiving guidance and protection from the apparition.

The Bard, Arkady, tried it too, and an Eagle Spirit appeared nearby.


By sunset, we reached the keep that we were traveling to and decided to rest outside of it and go in the morning. The night went by uneventfully, except for a few spinosaurus passing by. 

The keep itself was something very impressive. The stonework was ancient, and truth to be told, better than anything a dwarf I know could do, and definitely better than anything a human could ever accomplish. Though it did seem to be slowly crumbling, and I don’t think it will stand for much longer.

I won’t make this too long, because I’m sure you’ve heard about it already. We went in and defeated a roper and a few fire-spitting lizards, and then the tragic decision of splitting up to explore the basement was made. I wasn’t in the group with the bard, so I couldn’t tell you much about what happened anyway. By the time I reached them the half woman half snake monstrosity was slain, and he was dead. I didn’t know you Lionel, and I would have liked to have a chance to do that. But you died in battle, protecting your friend, and when my time comes, I hope to be as brave as you…


…ah…yeah…GreGory found some balls… and a cactus thing… I’m not sure how or where or why; you’re just going to have to ask him about it.