The DRM Swamp

After moving through the portal we found ourselves atop of a tall hill, with a gradual incline towards the west and a steep cliffside towards the east. All around us was a massive marsh, stretching for miles, the air very humid.

The ghost of the Ishah Plains

The objective of our mission what’s to find the ghost that terrorizes and kills people in the Ishah Plains. It was not a ghost we found, just some aspiring musicians – Shady and the Wretches.

Tracking Gnolls through the Tempest Plains

Date: 04/18/2020 By: Freyja DM: Geo Party: Joule, Yatari, Valorean, Tashina, Ogis, Freyja Mission: Reports of hostile gnolls gathering into war parties We put together a scouting party to go investigate the reported gnoll activity in the Tempest Plains. Besides the...

Unexpected encounters on the road north

Date: 04/04/2020 By: Freyja DM: Neal Party: Dexter, Daffodil, Freyja, Taishina, Tehran, Tif Mission: Trail of Tasks – Building the Briarwall Bypass Road We were hired to escort and protect road workers as they labored on extending our reach into the wild north...