Mission: Explore DRM

Party: Pacha, Snowball, Penumbra, Me’Slash, and Rhagor.


Log by: Rhagor Drachedandion


After moving through the portal we found ourselves atop of a tall hill, with a gradual incline towards the west and a steep cliffside towards the east. All around us was a massive marsh, stretching for miles, the air very humid.

Looking towards the southwest, from the top of the Portal Hill, we were able to see the snowy peaks of a mountain range just above the horizon. Traveling in that direction for about 8 miles, we reached an incredibly large and unusual tree. 

More than a few miles northwest of the Portal Hill lais a large river, large enough to be navigable, that might be connected to the open waters. It also seems to have a large bent from the west towards the northeast, and it might form a natural boundary for the swamp.


The giant tree

Besides the usual plants and lichens one would expect to find in a swamp, we found a tall tree with a 15 feet wide trunk, and a web of roots reaching around an area of around 85 feet. At the base of the trunk was a pond of water. The entire area seemed incredibly lush and fertile, and when I attempted to collect a sample from the water, it simply seeped out of my glass vile, like I was trying to contain it in a cloth.


Crickets, frogs, leeches and other critters, and even deer and swamp buffalo, populate the area, but we also encountered a few unusual creatures.

The green humanoid

Down in the waters on the east side of the Portal Hill, we saw a humanoid creature, an ugly shape, its skin green. It had long black hair and was covered in scales and moss. We tried to appear friendly, but when it didn’t seem to notice us, we decided not to approach.

The black hair woman

She was floating face down in the water of the swamp, and when the one on watch that night approached, trying to help, she attacked and entangled them with her hair. She used her claws to slash at us, and her long hair reached about a dozen feel around her, trying to pull us in the water. Once in her grasp, her touch sucked the physical strength out of you. We struggled to kill her, as she seemed to resit most of our normal damage, and even some of our magic as well – at least poison and necrotic.

The giant bird

A massive bird, with a wingspan of over 200 feet, was flying over the marsh towards the mountains while carrying what seemed to be another large creature in its mouth.

Black dragon

We saw it in the distance, across the river bent towards the northwest.


The giant tree fey

While we were investigating the giant tree, a small fry creature flew out of its branches. It spoke sylvan and common, and we tried to convince it that we were friendly and we were just exploring the area. It claimed that the tree belongs to it, and tried to get us to kill Zulkis as an apology for disturbing the area. It became hostile when we refused, and it started shooting magical arrows at us. It knew many types of magic, including how to turn invisible, and before it vanished, it threatened us that next time its sisters will be there as well.

The black draconic humanoid

Just as the sun was setting, we spotted a large humanoid figure across another section of the river. It was described to me as looking very draconic, with black scales, large wings, and weapons on its belt.

The swamp druid lizard-man

We encountered him during our last night in the swamp, and he guided us back towards the Portal Hill. He didn’t speak common, but our druids were able to communicate with him.

The arcane

Besides the arcane phenomenon know as the hum, that is well known on this island, I believe we were under the influence of another type of arcane phenomenon while in the DRM swamp. 

The bad swamp magic seemed to be present all around us, constant, and affected everyone indiscriminately. I first noticed it during one of our fights. I had the creature in my sight, nothing between us, straight shot, I knew it was gonna hit, and as I was gathering the magical energy in my arm, I could tell that it was going to be a powerful, more powerful than a regular blow. But a moment later, as the energy blast was leaving my hand, it was like it was sucking my own life energy as well. I stumbled on my feet, suddenly exhausted, the blast hitting somewhere in the water. It happened again later, I was just as confident, only for the blast to explode right in front of me, blinding me. I am also pretty convinced that it affected our scout’s abilities as well.

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