Mission: Protect the JabJab’s shipment from a gnoll ambush (Do you gnoll what’s happening?)

Party: Leofry, Mako, Zuldim, Qar, Bränna & Rhagor

DM: Rasz

Log by: Rhagor Drachedandion

I am happy to report that we completed our mission successfully, and the armor and weapon’s shipment did not fall in the gnolls’ hand. 

It appears that the gnolls are becoming more confident and willing to attack closer to our settlements and our roads. In addition to the known ambush, a separate small group of gnolls surprised us during our first night. Thanks to Leofry’s intel, we were well prepared to engage both groups, but for other adventurers who might be traveling through the area, or are trying to gather more information about the gnolls, I will try to put together the information I have about the gnolls’ ambush tactics.

The gnolls’ ambush tactics

We encountered an overturned wagon blocking the road, a dwarven voice asking for help, and gnoll “bodies” scattered around the area. It appeared to be the aftermath of a fight, but it was just a scene, set up to surprise unprepared travelers who might be willing to offer help.

The overturned or broken down wagon seems to be one of the gnolls’ preferred ways of inciting people to approach an ambush area. Not only is it a common and plausible sight to encounter, but it can also offer a hiding spot and cover for their forces. During our mission, the overturned wagon and the crates surrounding it offered great cover for their spellcaster –  the Talos dwarf, and some of their archers. They are also known to use tents and to dig holes and tunnels in the ground to gain the element of surprise. 

Luckily for us, the plains around the road are not the ideal terrain for an ambush, so the gnolls tried to hide in plain sight. Be suspicious of any gnoll bodies that appear to be dead, and always keep in mind that their longbows have a reach of at least 600ft.


I wish I had a better understanding of their tactics, but this is all I can offer right now. If we don’t deal with them sooner rather than later, they will expend their control over the island. They are growing stronger and better prepared every day.  

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