Date: 04/18/2020

By: Freyja

DM: Geo

Party: Joule, Yatari, Valorean, Tashina, Ogis, Freyja

Mission: Reports of hostile gnolls gathering into war parties

We put together a scouting party to go investigate the reported gnoll activity in the Tempest Plains. Besides the information we gathered from tracks and abandoned camps, we also encountered some people that shared their experiences with us: Kavlan the elf, a sole survivor of a JabJab scouting party, and Gith, Tomar, Loamah and Savah, tribe members from the peninsula area of the northern Neathy Woods. 

The area we scouted.

For adventures who wish to track the gnolls as well, here is the information we gathered:

  • The first signs of gnoll that we encountered were about 24 miles straight west from the JubJub’s.
  • The four gnoll tribes, the Pelt Wearers, the Jagged Horns, the Iron Claws and the Rinors (Rinos? Rienors?), have been united by a powerful user of magic that can raise great walls of fire.
  • Talos dwarves and humans, are helping the gnolls, training and teaching them combat tactics. They are using the lightning bolt as a symbol.
  • The gnolls carry diseases and wounds received from them will become infected and can kill days after they’ve been received if not properly treated.
  • The gnolls use tactics such as hiding holes and tunnel systems, lots of various traps, moving their camps often, and ambushes using carts and tents mimicking travelers needing help.
  • They have a method of communicating over long distances without being heard and seen. Using  claw necklaces, that vibrate when touched, to send coded messages. We were giving a necklace like this by the tribe members and it is now in the Academy. 
  • They use drums for intimidation.
  • Out of the four tribes, the R-clan are said to be the strongest.
  • The Pelt Wearers, their territory stretching across the eastern part of the plains towards the forest, are the weakest physically, but smart and crafty. They are responsible for making arrows and other items for the other groups. There are about 12 of their camps in that area.
  • We found a summoning circle in one of the abandoned camps. It had three lightning bolts in the middle and smaller bolts around the circle.