Date: 04/03/2020

By: Freyja


Group: Ruebekka, Freyja, Taishina, Tehran, Xell, Clawe, Kavor, Black

Mission: Explore the Ghostwood Marsh


We put together a large group of eight and left White Moon Cove. Our plan was to head into the Ghostwood Marsh and gather as much information about the recent activity that was observed there.


With Tehran as our trusted leader, Kavor the ever vigilant lookout and Xell scouting the way for us, I never expected things to go like they did. 


I’m sad to report that, unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the swamp, and two of our companions didn’t make it back alive. Xell and Rue, a wonderful dwarf lady that I just met for the first time, fell in battle against two spinosauruses.


They found our camp in the early morning, lured by the scent of blood from the moth creatures that attacked us earlier in the night. How stupid of us! We should have moved camp, we should have done something about it…let that be a lesson for everyone who reads this: Don’t go back to sleep surrounded by corpses and blood and guts! How reckless was that! 


Maybe we should have run, maybe I should have just charged at creature the moment I saw it, maybe I shouldn’t have hesitated….so many maybes…


I’m too angry and upset to think clearly right now… Feeling guilty is not going to bring anyone back and being angry at each other will only make us weaker.