Agent Aether's Briarwall Entrance Report (And Farmer's Market Ad)

 WIPE (PBP) Jan 31 2020 – Mar 1 2020

PC’s: Zak, Ronda, Theila, Ska, Dimble, Aether

Dm:  Qarlynd


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Our Markets

Ruined Oak is a community formed by the hopes, dreams, and general desire for personal freedom of the Adventurers and Settlers sent over by Candlekeep. It has many farms and many neighbors, such as the Kua Toa in the Lake of Songs. One of these neighbors has not been the friendliest group where it concerns our fair town. This group is a Drow empire located within the Briarwall Forest. It has been a long time since anyone from the towns have encountered them so we set off to check on them, and any farmer’s markets they may have set up.

Eldath’s Grace Farmers Market

Saturdays (8am – 2pm), RO, LOS

A quaint place just north of town. Always carries the freshiest vegetables.

Holey Apple Farmers Market

Tuesdays (10am – 2pm), East Rotmoor, LOS

A farm on hallowed ground full of apple trees. Well reknowned for its pies and cider.

This Cave We Found During The Quest
Thursdays (10am – 2pm), BW,LOS

Dark, Damp, has a slide, possible entrance to the otherwise impassable Briarwall Forest.

Over 400 Local Threats

The cave was filled with a large amount of spiders that we had to get through before we found a slide down to a lower level. 

100% Organic

The various peoples of the Briarwall are continuing their no visitors nor trespassers policy with lethal force.

Latest from the Blog

Please check out some of the wares from other local businesses.

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The tarnished pride of the inexperienced

The tarnished pride of the inexperienced

I've been told that taking notes and observations on all excusions in the name of Allied Freeholds of Katashaka should be made. Most reasons are for a system of accountability and backtracking for important information that might have been taken but not evaluated at...

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