A more or less comprehensive Guide of what we know about the Underdark of Katashaka
At the behest of Lawrence, with information gathered from the adventurers in White Moon Cove, written by ███████


The Underdark is an alien place, no two visits there will be the same, the tunnels shift and seem to vanish from sight only to appear somewhere else again. Navigation without someone that has intricate knowledge of the Underdark is almost impossible. If you still decide to go down there, these are some rules you should abide by, to make your stay down there less deadly than it needs to be

  • Be Quiet
    One of the first things you will notice once you enter the Underdark is that you are surrounded by almost absolute silence. The caves of the Underdark amplify any noise you make manyfold and any predator that starts to hear a noise down there will be drawn to it in hopes of easy prey, and that includes creatures such a Illithids and Deep Dragons. (The message cantrip is a great solution)
  • Be Prepared for everything
    Nothing in the Underdark is exactly what it seems. What looks to be a stable path could just aswell be a hallucination caused by the eldritch enviroment and might aswell just be a plank leading into a sinkhole. Your reaction to any such event is key to resolve such situations, spells like Feather Fall and Waterbreathing might not seem like such useful choices up on the overworld but if you dare venture into the Underdark, Preparation is Key
    However desperate a situation may seem, should you stumble upon a flying pancake with coloured tentacles, do whatever it takes to help them. What you have just found is a Flumph and although they are not very powerful, they are by far the most benevolent creatures you can stumble upon. Also don’t let their Infantile behaviour fool you, they are smarter than they seem
To be Continued
[This is not intended as an adventure log for the previous session but as a "Permanently Work in Progress Guide" to make adventures to the Underdark easier]
-List of Locations, what can be found there and what to be weary of
-Types of creatures you can encounter and how to deal with them
-Potentially learning how to traverse the Underdark

I plan for this to be a community driven guide so please leave comments or message FridgeBoy directly on discord if you have anything that should be added to the Guide