The Way is a massive walled complex stretching between two mountain ranges to the southwest of White Moon Cove. The walls are approximately 1/4 of a mile thick and 100 feet tall. So far only the southern wall has been scouted. There are several entrances spread out along the wall, though what is inside is unknown. The southern wall is guarded by hundreds of orcs and ogre mages. Because of its vast size, the southern part is in the Desert of Flies while the northern part of the complex is in the Isha Plains grassland. To the east and west are the massive mountain ranges.

There are three main tribes of orcs that exist in and around The Way. The Desert Tribe, the Hill Tribe, and the Plains Tribe. Currently, The Way is ruled over by the Desert Tribe. Attempts at diplomacy with the Desert Tribe have not succeeded and they attacked our delegation. Contact has been made with the Hill Tribe and we are working to supplant the current leadership of The Way with those from the Hill Tribe under the agreement that they will open peaceful trade and a mutual defense treaty if the Hill Tribe takes over. No contact has been made with the Plains Tribe.

Known Defenses:

The massive walls are manned by groups of approximately a dozen orcs each, using large bows and swords. They are known to fire a single volley that does devastating damage if you can’t get out of the way, and even glancing blows impact heavily. The Swarms of Orcs operate within a strict militaristic command structure, so they almost act as a single unit. They are typically commanded by an single Orc Warlord who is quite strong and carries a sending stone that contacts an Ogre Magi, a very powerful spell caster. Further scouting is needed to learn any additional defenses. Lastly, the ultimate leader of the Desert Tribe is an unknown creature called the Dune Slayer. Leadership over The Way is determined by an arena style combat.

Current Status of Regime Change:

The Hill Tribe chief has stationed a scout at The Swollen Tooth, a member of his tribe named Big Ears. He acts as our method of communication. Our current goals are:

  1. Provide arms and armor to the Hill Tribe warriors.
  2. Slay a purple worm that serves as proof of Hill Tribe’s ability to challenge for leadership.
  3. Infiltrate and assist the Hill Tribe in challenging Dune Slayer for control over The Way.