Your guide to understanding Hunting and Harvesting unique creatures.

Welcome to the world of hunting!
A world where every part of the creature you slay might still have a use after its death.
My name is Chemist and ill be your guide into this new way of life.
Naturally, nobody is born with the skills to identify and ascertain useful monster parts. But with enough training and time, you too can learn and enhance your chances of survival.

Table of Contents

  • Shabor and Quests
  • The Hunt
  • Carves and Rewards
  • Items Collection!

Enter Shabor: The Hunter

This black-scaled Dragonborn will be one access way into the world of Hunting. There are a few quirks if you plan to meet him for the first time without the aid of more seasoned hunters. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Ruined Oak Tavern and attain the “Boomstick”. For visual reference:
  2. Take the Boomstick outside of the tavern, hold it into the air and follow this motion:
  3. Wait about 3-5 days.

If you’re lucky, Shabor will come to your request of the “boomstick” and if you are worthy in his eyes, he will offer you a hunting quest that might mutually benefit both parties.

The Hunt

Its time for you to muscle up your group and go out into the realms of the island to hunt your mark! This could be in the hot deserts of Desert of Flies or the frigid cold of the Mountains. Its your job as a hunter to track and hunt the mark no matter how dangerous they appear to be!

Carving and Rewards!

Once you’ve killed your mark the quest isn’t over yet! You have a duty as a hunter to make use of every piece of material that you can from the prey itself. This is where the division between Hunters and Adventurers come into play. Many unique creatures have qualities that can be harvested and manipulated for use by the Hunter. Weather it be a new set of boots or even augmenting the weave itself, hunters will find new a new outlook on the meaning of recycling!

Item Collection List:

Below is a list of items and the source they were harvested from:
(Be aware that some items might be rarer to come by compared to others. More will be added as missions continue.)

  • ((Monster- Crave Retrieved))
  • Hydra – Dragon Heart
  • Resentful Ghost- Myling Tears
  • Red Caps- Lesser Red Boots of the Fey