We headed out, meeting a druid named Sheppard in the Black Footpad Inn. She warned us of the dangers ahead, and wished us good fortune. She informed us that Zach and Zachary Terion are patrolling the woods. Additionally, Gwendolyn herself has gone north to attempt to hamper the rumored Gnoll infiltration. Lastly, she informed us that the Blood Eye clan has teamed up with the Jub Jubs to be a little bit more defensible. 

Immediately upon opening the door to the temple, we got attacked. A few blood giants and a few cultists. Ouch. The temple liked to shift us around, manually forcing us to explore. I found a bedroom! Decidedly cooler than the giant butthole Naal found. There was a doggy involved and apparently the butthole was extruding something. I found some soap. Fell into a pit. Joule figured out that someone had been shoved into the butthole. I found a book! Wines, Spirits, and Hexes: A Doctrine by Empress Dwari the Dangerous.

We ran around a lot. I saw the butthole. Joule flipped a lever and some grindy gear noises stopped.

We fought a lot more. Most of us went down once or twice or six times. We fought some gigantic being that nullified healing near it and dealt horrifying damage with its flail. I was forced to expend nearly all of my healing resources as my friends dropped like flies. But we prevailed, though it may have been one of the harder four minutes and 12 seconds of my life. In the final chamber, though we found no armored troll as described before, we found a gigantic, heavily cracked crystal with the dead body of a dwarf, one of Yarsby’s, splayed out in front of it. We found lots, and lots, and lots, of gems. A Warhammer, a scroll, a book, a shard of that blood-red crystal.

Then we went home. Thank the gods.