Day 1

We collected the orbs from the Archive to go take to some guy named Yassarius to keep a Gorgonzola Demon from getting loose. I thought Gorgonzola was a type of cheese. Apparently not.

Set out from WMC and found a pool of blood coming from the dead body of the commoner. A youngish male Tiefling, looked horrified. Syringe puncture wound to the neck, wasn’t looted. Kinda creepy.

Found an altar to Talos, Yatari Shattered it. Saw the aftermath of a Gnoll/Kobold skirmish, the gnolls were tatted with circled claws. 

We reached Yassarian, and found that the key we needed was in RO–the orbs weren’t what we needed–so we headed back there via the ISP portal, encountering some strange, plant-like Fire elementals, who retreated through a portal into the elemental plane of fire. 

We came back to Ruined Oak.

Day 2

We grabbed the key, and headed back past some bandits who appeared to be trying to do their best to live normal lives. 

We slept in an outpost, then found our way back to Yassarian. He performed some sort of ritual, apparently sealing the tomb of Gorgonzola. 

While he did so, various undead, four-armed and otherwise, attacked us. I just barely avoided a disintegration ray, thanks to Te’sil’s training. 

Vraela found some strange text on the sarcophagus, and there was a strange flash of light, and learned to manifest powerful bursts of light. Cool, right?

We slept there for the night. When we moved out in the morning, we found a strange set of clothing, but no person. The rest of the trip home was uneventful.