A series of notes taken while speaking with Valorean, Paladin of Bahamut.

His group set out with workers, with the goal of constructing a road. They did not get this road completed, but discovered the following things:

• The community of Dryads nearby needs help defeating a mysterious Blight, which gets stronger by the day, so somebody should definitely take care of that.

• There’s a very possibly friendly goblin tribe southwest of Mirandia, and another town to the northwest.

• The merchants that run from each of these settlements to the other would welcome a road.

• Said settlements are happy to exile people who they consider transgressors, and thus we should tread carefully in dealing with them.

• The Flame Peaks, where fresh obsidian for portal stones can be found, are East of Port Mirandia. Duri’Manon should be contacted for the extraction of the obsidian and crafting of new stones.

Lastly, due to circumstances, they were forced to destroy the FOT portal with the help of Duri’Manon the friendly Githyanki, cannibalizing it for parts in order to repair the Port Mirandia portal. THE PORT MIRANDIA PORTAL CODE IS NOW FOT. DO NOT DIAL MID, UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE DISINTEGRATED.