Defense Squad South fought off swarms of kobolds. We fought three gigantic siege titans that healed itself every six seconds, instead of attacking with weapons, simply spun in a whirlwind of blades, forcing you to dodge. We faced four arcane conduits that required a kobold mage each, chained in to power them, but they fired off eight magic missiles each, with range up to 600 feet. We faced ballistae in impenetrable Leomund’s Tiny Huts, powerless against their flaming barrels of oil. We faced trebuchets, 800 feet away, lobbing flames into White Moon Cove and sending it up in flames. We faced a young dragon of shadow, its breath weapon sending bombs of energy that drew on our constitution, draining our life force. On it rode a kobold monk, flurrying his blows and catching arrows of extreme power, which we had to struggle to get rid of.

We exhausted all of our resources, but found that the kobold captains – pictured below – were simply taking notes, the bulk of their dragonborn and kobold forces staying back in a quarter-mile large Leomund’s Hut.

We got rid of a few of their forces, and watched helplessly as White Moon Cove went up in flames. We did our best to save the town, but ended up retreating through the portal, through an army of gnolls that seemed to part, and let us through.

In the future: dimension door and greater invisibility to siege equipment, take it out before worrying about anything else. Arcane conduits need to go. Earth elementals or dispel magic are necessary for getting rid of Huts. Don’t let them set up. Plant Growth is helpful. Get the AF catapult in play. Build siege weaponry. Fortify Ruined Oak. Spikes on our walls to stop from climbing. Forked sticks to shove ladders away. Ditches. Bunkers. Teams of spellcasters to make moats???

I don’t know what else to say.

Siege Titan
Shadow Dragon
Lieutenant 1
Lieutenant 2
Lieutenant 3
Lieutenant 4
Lieutenant 5