Day 1

We headed out, taking a lovely new lady with us, and made our way through the GQE portal. Hanna noticed something shifting in the shadows around the temple, but we did not investigate too much. 

Heading south, we saw some black blobs off to the East, but decided it wasn’t worth investigating—“black blob” did not scream “friendly” to us. Continuing south, we were attacked by a group of sickening creatures. We dispatched them without too much effort and camped for the night. 

Night 1

Lellara saw an orange glint some twelve miles to the northwest on her watch. We saw something moving slowly down the hill away from us. 

Day 2

In the morning, we found those black blobs feasting on some sort of corpses down below. They seemed animalistic, but wrong. Like panthers, but with too many legs and tentacles coming out of their back. They ran towards the forest after having their fill. We also found four large lizards hissing at the forest. Turns out the trees are alive and angry at people! We killed some trees, and found that the entire forest was populated with these living trees, as well as strange, super-sized organisms. At least, that’s what the lizards told Jub. We also found some boots on their bodies! 

Night 2

We were attacked by a huge gigantic large bird in the night, which nearly killed Lellara, but we got it figured out. Hanna made blood sausages on her watch and dumped the body of the bird far enough away that we weren’t killed by the hulking, red-eyed shadow creature that snatched the body. 

Day 3

The next day, we headed further east and found Port Mirandia! We made it there at dusk, and rejoiced in our progress. A gnomish dude talked about a lightning guy who blew everything up and left–perhaps this was the portal clear mission? Regardless, we moved on and went to WMC.