Don, Thran, and I spoke with a resurrected Talos Dwarf in a Zone of Truth. He was oddly willing to answer our questions.

He asked where the key was. Don told the dwarf that the Kenku have the key.

Don asked his name. He said we could call him Hormel.

He asked if we knew of the “one that watches from Ruined Oak.” We said we did not, though others might.

He asked what we knew of the Locitum. I told him that we know its Location, and a basic understanding of its purpose.

I asked what he knew of the Locitum. He responded “I know their purpose, I know where they are located, I know how to use them and have for ages.” Concerning.

His next question: “For the one that built the keeps, and the gates, where does this one reside?” We told him that many built them, and he replied “That is answer enough.” It appears as if he was speaking of something beyond our breadth of knowledge.

We asked who their supplier from beyond the island was. His response: Many. “My reach is far and wide and great is the number willing to bend their knee for me.” This suggests that we were speaking with someone more than some dwarf named Hormel. Perhaps even Tsaran himself.

His next question? More of this gods damned rhyming. I’ve been hearing it all over the place, and it’s driving me insane. “”Have to the orange glow have you rowed, and to it temple attracted by it gold defeat it guardian and it door do unfold.” We told him we had not, despite our knowledge of its presence.

He began to burn the chair he was secured to. I asked for the precise location of the Locitums he knew of. He refused to answer, saying it was for us to find out, and that he would be watching us from far away. He said the following:

“But as I leave I shall leave you this gift, for in life this body served my master well, his soul was consumed I must do tell what greater service to Talos can be found.”

With that, the soul left the body, leaving it nothing but a husk. Weirdly, it moved and spoke.