The Beginnings

Talbert the Kobold, as well as another sailor named Ruggurt, gathered a crew for us, warning of “big ‘uns,” telling us to look out for bubbles or ripples in the water. We sailed out on a teeny tiny little boat (really really small) and resolved to keep as close to the shore as possible. 

This is a list of what we found:

  • A beautiful, if desolate view of the coast. 
  • A group of otters! 
  • Vraela caught a swordfish! 
  • Some rock along the coastline that was pockmarked with very large holes that crabs swarmed into. Lots and lots and lots of crabs. 
  • A very large red dragon over the coast. Adult or older. Woo! Scary!
  • We fought some giant sharks in the night. Vraela came eerily close to death, but didn’t. Phew. Sadly, Talbert met a far nastier fate. Swallowed completely.
  • In the morning, we found some harpies (?) munching on a body! We avoided them. 
  • Ogis spotted the entrance to some sort of ruin, flanked by massive statues of orcs. 
  • Hanna also saw a naked tiefling statue.
  • A shipwreck and a massive hole underwater. 
  • A scary blue spectral glowing troll stacking rocks and making sandcastles. 
  • Even MORE mountains. 
  • A triple pulse of orange light over the water.
  • Some people in the distance shove someone else off a cliff
  • Some cyclopses! 
  • A weird pole sticking 20’ out of the water.
  • Another weird pole, more easily recognizable as a ruined wharf.
  • An hours-old campsite
  • A giant eagle fishing, before flying east -> there’s *something* out there.
  • Another ruined wharf at the mouth of the river we traveled upwards.
  • A big ship!
  • Tore-up ground where two large beasts walked
  • A paddle with the initials RG
  • We fought some scary spiders made out of metal that shot barbed wire instead of webs.
  • A weird ruined shrine
  • A cave with an X over it
  • A wicker doll floating down the river

We turned south down the river near Xanaphia’s tower.

There, we found a gigantic gnoll and dwarf war camp on the banks. Over a hundred and fifty gnolls, who knows how many dwarves. They began pounding their war drums, and boarding their war canoes and stringing their longbows, so we turned around and sailed away, choosing to cut south through the plains, between two war camps, and made it back to the Jub Jub clan safely.