Day 1

We left from the Jub Jub dwarf clan, making our way southeastward. We came across another talking squirrel, Helican De Vontah. It’s very strange, this whole “squirrels talk in the springtime” thing. They were on their way to Ruined Oak, to visit with family. This entire situation is the strangest. 

Upon continuing, we were ambushed by a herd of large dinosaurs called nogobu that hit VERY hard. It was only the insightful inspiration of Yatari and the healing powers of Tingork that saved us. 

Night 1

We moved on, and laid down to rest, but were rudely interrupted by a group of singing, dancing fairies. They tried to get us to dance with them, and would NOT leave us alone. No matter what we did. I eventually pulled out my sword, and they turned their nasty charming powers and hordes of… mushrooms. We killed them all, and discovered the remains of many, many, many adventurers. 

Day 2

The next day, we moved on, and through the frozen wastes, battling a gigantic construct in some sort of wild magic zone, eventually prevailing. Moving on, we found a strange, purple, crystalline structure, but decided not to investigate. Other than that, the way home (Night 2 and the morning of Day 3) was uneventful.