Date: 03/25/2020

By: Freyja

Mission: Trial of Tears

DM: Neal

Group: Glen, Freyja, Kavor, Tehran, Theris, Xell


Mr. Yarsby hired our group to escort and protect his caravan on their journey from White Moon Cove to Ruined Oak. 


Unfortunately, we were forced to change the plan and head to the JabJab’s because of the dangers that we encountered on the way. 


Even though we took the road, in hope to avoid any problems, it wouldn’t be Sleepers Island if problems were not encountered anyway. 


On our first day of travel, we ran into a woman and her child that were being chased by a group of blighted boars. By the time we stopped the wagons and engaged the boars, the child took a particularly gruesome hit and couldn’t be saved.  Poor woman! I couldn’t even imagine the pain of seeing your own little one die. I know there wasn’t anything we could have really done differently, but I can’t help but feel the guilt that comes with failing to protect the ones in need. 


After we killed the boars, Kavor, Xell and Theris took a look at the boars’ diseased bodies, and it seemed like whatever was plaguing them it was still in the early stages; their eyesight was already damaged by it, and it seemed highly contagious. Kind of like this thing called “The Rot” that I’ve heard about.


After resting for the night, we decided to head towards the JabJab’s and find shelter there. 


And I’m sure you can guess already that our problems continued, and four Gnolls led by a Cultist Mage riding Wargs started chasing after us. Mr. Yarsby continued to drive the wagons as fast as he could hoping to outrun them, but they were closing in fast. We tried to convince him to stop, but he was being too stubborn. Eventually one of the Wargs slammed into the wagon I was riding in and it toppled it over, sanding Theris, Mr. Yarsby, me and all supplies flying! Fortunately, I landed on my feet, I rushed into the battle, together with the others, to try to protect the rest of the wagons. The fight was a hectic one. I could see my companions falling and getting up and we were giving it all we got. All I could do was slash Gnoll after Gnoll and hope everyone was alright. I could see our brave leader Tehran rush all over the place and I knew he was there taking care of us. Then out of nowhere, this horrible creature made of blood appeared, without a doubt summoned by the Mage. It was like nothing I’ve seen before, and it was as dangerous as it looked, but together we overcame it and the rest of our foes fled. 


After righting the hit wagon and packing the scattered supplies, we finally reached the end of our journey. 


Mr Yarsby didn’t seem too happy about how eventful the trip was, but he paid us like he promised.