Stood under a tree near the edge of the copse of White Moon Cove, 6 brave souls introduced themselves before adventure. Regardless of the dark sky and the cold that accompanied the change of season, we all followed the directives of our employer and met away from town. The cold bit at our skin and yet an elf lay among the leaves without a shirt. Aether quickly revealed to us that he and his sentries had been around for there fair share of decades. Mirael was the heart of the group. Standing well over 7 feet tall, the firbolg watched over us, healed us and united us. Thiala was the sword of the party. Radiating of elven grace, her song was enchanting. Frederic shielded the people. Working alongside the elf, he kept us safe. He is strong enough to fight demons and yet seems to be losing to his own. Tharivol was always by our sides. A noble who has formed a connection to a greater power. Cut off from his family, this island is a trial to him. A way to prove his independence.

As the sky cleared up, we met Gojoh our patron. He explained why he needed Mugwort, a plant that grows in the Neathy woods, and set us off on our quest.

Mugwort Leaves

On our first day of travel, we met a merchant who sold us a bucket. Mirael planned to transplant Mugwort into the container so Gojoh wouldn’t need to travel to and fro. Not having any more business with the man we moved on towards the woods.

The Neathy Woods covered in snow

The snow melting as it fell upon our skin, the cold sending shivers through our bodies, we rippled outwards as we stepped into the forest. Aether served as guide, supporting the more nature inclined folk with colourful stickers. He helped Mirael look for the desired leaves, Thiala making sure we were collecting the right kind. The search going on, I noticed a suspicious snowman. Staring at me with its berry eyes, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being observed. Could it be a trap? Not caring for the joy it may have brought, I threw my dagger into its fragile body.

We collected 2 pounds worth, half the desired quantity. Sunset was soon to come and so we decided we should move back to the tavern for a night of food, drink and rest. We would come back in the morning to collect the remaining plants.


Our evening slipped by. The food was enjoyable, the company friendly, the beds comfortable. The highlight of this rather casual evening was by far the musician. Orpheus’ performance was flawless. His tune soothing yet sad. I was not surprised to learn that he had recently lost a loved one. Fuel for his melancholic melody. For any who may be interested, he seeks Eurydice’s body. Most likely the body of his deceased loved one.

Dawn upon us, we awoke to the smell of fresh breakfast. Aether had been at work in the kitchens. After a brief discussion on the hygienic implications of letting a practically naked being in the kitchen, we left the tavern and continued on our quest.

Having collected all the leaves near the mouth of the forest, we decided to venture further in. We collected about 1 pound of the remaining 2 that were needed when something odd was noticed.

A portion of the leaves we had put to the side were magically floating away. Aether wasted no time, instantly casting a spell that revealed the silhouette of the thieves. Three sprites were hovering about grabbing our collected herbs. Thiala and Mirael managed to defuse the tension produced by magic outburst.

The Sprites told us they were trying to help their friend who was captured by evil creatures. His name was Tuminis the Satyr. They didn’t know Nacard, a satyr who our employer told us to seek out.

Suddenly, a twig snapped. Everyone turned to see a troll, a redcap and a giant lizard march into the clearing. They wasted no time revealing their intent to murder us.

Red Cap

Through amazing coordination and a pinch of luck, we managed to eliminate the threat without dying. I attempted to summon forth the image of a dragon overhead but there was no reaction. The encounter didn’t even last a minute and yet it felt like hours were spent on the battlefield.

We met the Satyr and gave him the mugwort he required. He shared with us crucial information on where we might find more of the plant. He did say he would contact the inn if he encountered Nacard the Satyr Gojoh seeks.

We collected the remaining leaves and made our way back to the beautiful town of White Moon Cove. We discussed of the lovely adventure and the deadly nature of the island, thinking that our quest was over. Little did we know a few moments later we would end up fighting once more.

A man dressed in the stereotypical wizard robes ran by. All he had time to tell us was that his name was Morg and that he had been experimenting on turkeys before promptly sprinting away. His goal was to make tastier poultry, the result was much more violent. An instant later we heard a distant gobble as 4 giant birds ran towards us. Having eaten turkey the day before, the sent of there kind on our breath infuriated the giants/

It took an embarrassingly long time to get rid of them, but using basic magics we took control over the situation. No longer threatened to become a giant turkey’s meal, we took our time when savoring their cooked corpses.

We found Gojoh within a few minutes and completed the promised transaction. We were greatly reward for our task. It began snowing as we waved good bye, a clear sign that our adventure had come to a close.