Tentacles in a Cave

Party:┬áLeofyr, IronAle, Rake (Snails), Tramenor and Slayer The sound of thunder echoed through the tavern as a storm approached. A Githyanki named Duri’Manon spoke to the group of gathering adventurers I was a part of. Apparently an abandoned vessel was...

Ugly Grandma Stole the Kids

I sat in the Bitter Dwarf Inn, perhaps drinking slightly too much when a teen ran in panting. He asked for help, his siblings had been kidnapped and his father injured. “Save my pa, save my siblings!” and so we set out towards the farmhouse.

The Morality of Necromancy

DM: Neal, Imp Romp Two Party: Daffodil, Ogis, Arbitio and I, a small group. The group gathered rather quickly hoping to go deal with undead south near the march. Sometime in the morning we encountered a couple of gnolls looting graves. Ogis cast a spell killing one in...