DM: Neal, Imp Romp Two

Party: Daffodil, Ogis, Arbitio and I, a small group.

The group gathered rather quickly hoping to go deal with undead south near the march. Sometime in the morning we encountered a couple of gnolls looting graves. Ogis cast a spell killing one in seconds and the other was dead in seconds. We looted their corpses, threw them into the graves and moved on.

Moments later we encountered a nice elder tabaxi lady with her young disciples. They warned us of a “Flux of poisonous trolls”, as well as the animated troll skeleton I had previously encountered. The rest of our travel to the outpost was uneventful.

The following day we were walking peacefully along the road when we spotted a troll running straight towards us. It was thin and lanky, seemed weaker in a way. At first I ran away but seeing Ogis’ brave behavior as he ran forward I felt inspired. I ran to battle bracing and punching. In the end the flying baby skeletons Ogis summoned cut the troll to death.

We continued along the road until it ended and then moved on towards the river. We decided to rest for the night in an abandoned strip mine. During my watch I found sacks partially under a bush. One was empty and the other contained a bit of loot we could sell for gold. Apparently another weird vibrating zone was encountered but as always I didn’t feel anything.

The following morning we moved into the swamp. Making our way through the yucky mud we found a cemetery where two wizards were having a duel. We heard cracks and booms, seeing light flash across the rather open space. One of the wizards was a beautiful woman who seemed slightly snobby as she held her chin up. Her adversary was a shabby man with the dark eyes that seem to accompany many necromancers (Dexter). A zombie was shambling towards the woman.

Example of a wizard duel

Not too sure what to do after hearing them call out “He’s a necromancer!” and “She attacked me first”, we decided to attack the zombie and paralyze the man who had summoned him. We made sure the lady was alright and then tried to start a diplomatic conversation but the man was understandably angry. I grabbed him in a hug and attempted to shove him to the ground so Arbitio could tie him up. Once that was settled Ogis yelled at him which seemed to calm him down. We spoke for a while of the morality of necromancy as Daffodil explained that if he acquired his corpses with consent it wouldn’t be so “Upsetting”.

In the end it was decided that Adriel Kevadirtinu, the lady, would leave with the wizard and take him to White Moon Cove. There she would make him face the law for disturbing a grave and then he would join a road worker crew to get his supply of bodies.

On our way back we confirmed with the people at the outpost that the wizards had in fact passed through. Other than that we encountered many scary squirrels at night as well as many odd cats… Perhaps it was all a dream.. We also saw a brown bear eating a gnoll who ended up being quite rich.