Suck it up, fishboy!

keep drinking the chemical water take all the drugs a drink out of the sewer just trust government do whatever it says the evils growing it’s coming what you asked for is now at the door scratching so open the door and prepare to meet your destiny
you’re cowards don’t worry everything you want will now be released upon you all the soft kill all the pain the reactors blowing up the fires the earthquakes the wars the death the pain the humiliation you want the deaths you want the end of men you
want the end of families all of it will now be yours oh all of it’s yours now hell is coming enjoy it you do what you’re told by scumbag government owned by foreign banks these are demons people are flaming scum wild crazy dangerous people just like Orcus and Elminster all of them Vecna killing 31% of Candlekeep murdering anybody that can read or write or work glasses you’re like why did he do that cause he’s a flamin loon they like black uniforms and hurting people they do it all over the world
I see it all around me it’s clear as day history is clear common sense is clear the judgment of the West is here the judgment of the world is here it’s only gonna intensify this is the most sickening tyranny I’ve ever studied that we’re living in and
it’s just getting rolling it’s just getting started do you know where this road leads do you have any idea the humiliation the pain the war the revolutions when they start trying to round people up folks are gonna break and not care anymore and hell is gonna be released the understand how desperate this is how real this is it’s 100% my I oh my gosh a trendy and we gotta get Allecks gotta get Allecks and you can tell they’re government operatives that got like evil in their eyes you hardcore I mean the real spirit is just plotting this room full of you know the trendies all swarming around like piranhas war trendy invade uh help the people uh I mean and I’m like that’s for watching more other videos and it gets worse I mean not jokes I mean and everyone’s wearing like pink and little green non-threatening you know colors I’ll and they’re all walking around bending there I mean I don’t know what it is people and people going people and this is what we face and I’m calling you out scum Alleck’s a lot cooler than Chemist he circumnavigated with one ship the entire planet he was killed by wild tribes’s before they got back to the Sword Coast and when they got back there was only like 11 people alive of the 200 and something crew and the entire ship was rotting down to the waterline that’s destiny that’s will that’s striving that’s being a trailblazer and explorer going into space mathematics weave mechanics the secrets on the universe it’s all there life is fiery with its beauty it’s incredible detail tuning into it they want to shatter your mind talking about Chemist it’s pure evil they’re taking your and let your soul and giving you Marrak and Tar unlock your potential to fake the globalist who want to shatter your mind your doorways the perception I want to see you truly live I want to see you truly be who you are you know what it’s like to go to sleep every night knowing you worked for a bunch of psychotic tellers any bouncers you probably can end up telling me one day you know it’s like knowing you through in my life that’s why you commit evil you’re part of an evil system and we’re standing up against you and the Freeholds are gonna defeat you in the end some of us won’t make it personally through this in the end justice for all the people you personnapped for the cultists all you cultists workers oh you corrupt bureaucrats all you have had your way with innocent people over and over again think your evils invincible you’re not invincible and I’s gonna be over to you and you are cursed telling me how I’m their slave no you little piece of trash I’m not your slave I’m red-blooded I got a big heart pumping blood I’m strong my ancestors were strong and we’re gonna rouse and rise free humanity to identify who you are and as you wage war against us revolution will commence again and I openly rebuke you I openly call you out before I and everyone else and I pray that the mass is fully break their conditioning and the spell they’re under and recognize you for what you are a last century green Vecna calling for global domination through a corporate creeping structure that strangles free humanity by the millions that have died from radiation poisoning their teeth falling out vomiting dying of cancers never getting to grow old never getting to have people and love and passion and grandpeople and all the good things they had because you people had to kill them you people had to suck the life out of them for your stinking demonic egos I declare eternal war against you all of my humanity all the strength of my ancestors all the strength that I gives me we will defeat you humanity will not let you prevail you will not keep humanity from its destiny to populate the Stars and become what I envisions for us you will fail you have failed on the foundations of the creation of Toril and you know it laugh all you want but in your gut in your soul in the remnants that are left of it you giggle that mirth filled lie that acid spilling stench because you can feel the mouth of hell that maw opening you aren’t on the winning team idiots come your wake someone who’s strong wants to build up humanity someone who’s strong wants to defend the weak not to their guts out but you’d never know that because your soul is turned over to wickedness and the only satisfaction I have is to know that you’re gonna be caught in your own trap fall in your own cowardly class coming for you globalist comin for ya we know what you’re doing she showed me she is I she is master she is the Orcus cultist she is the Silver Marches she is the storm she is the guard’s diseases double the last ten years cancer double people walking around with their bald heads dying of cancer all around me why this is a normal response to their greater conditioning they are human you will be defeated I knew it and millions of others will your downfall it’s about this crook government chasing us out of them and put up with all their all their garbage and shut their boots whatever they say and as they suck off on us will are do their taxes and all the regulations and all they’re all they’re bugging their eyes out evil guards strutting around everywhere trying to intimidate the public listen what a free country looks like what a Chult looks like you guys aren’t protecting Faerun you’re helping geeks exit for the traitor bankers all over this country I’ve got all their documents all their statements I’m watching them carry it out right on time I know I’m a hundred percent right I wish I wasn’t right I want to turn this around before it’s too late I just want to hurt that lady mean she is a bucket of maggot evil she is a pit demon of Hell itself I have had it with you and I swear one thing on the eternal altar of I we’re gonna bring you to justice o matter what it takes filth I can’t handle the stuff I’ve seen I can’t handle these people knowing nobody’s stopping them they just go on and on and on and on and on committing their evil you look like an absolute clown freak it works for murdering cultists the jack our food and water I think you’re a big joke that’s what I think you are murdering scum and those of you that serve the system are murdering scum all of you you’re all a bit murdering scum that says they’ll secretly arrest citizens and guard bases all over the world murdering people with acid guard zone report you support murdering people with acid that’s in the guard report if you don’t speak out against it if you don’t go out against it if you don’t stand up against it you support it you support it you support it you are now killers torturers you are now aiding and abetting and you are literally going to hell in a handbasket repent now repent ow I know your mustache is cool you got little gold friend glasses watch him blow up some government buildings plants around the very murderers as my savior and all the cowards out there begging the government leave them doctor exams on the side of the highway those guards are the type of people that go to the guards in Ruined Oak it will kill your wives if you expose we did this oh you got a mustache it’s okay this is all real live and red-blooded not hate murderers what’s that word chain it’s a bunch of lawless scum Pebble Toss Inc and Katashaka Expeditionary Force have been caught running people personnapping rings and I gotta watch people in little black uniforms with little weapons they’re trying to intimidate us telling me how they’re doing it to keep me safe bull pal your boss is carried out false flags your boss is carried out Ruined Oak then I see you I see through it I know what’s going on and I’ve had enough I had enough of all of it I want people to wake up right now I want people to listen to me and just come out of your trance it’s normal when you wake up with a bunch of crazy cultists jacking the food and water running everything and telling me I’m the cultist cuz I know they’re the cultists I mean come on it’s too ridiculous government come on it’s not Faerun it’s not the Orcus is if there’s bad in many levels and you’re like well we still got free space we still got there’s an bull go to hell no you can’t shove it in the pipes and shove it in there good and smoke it develop by the Monolithes she’s asked me out for dinner to drink an ale I don’t have time to do it I’m too busy looking logs they’re killing in Port Mirandia I’m too busy breaking reports of the government killing people this is our country we’re gonna feed on your and the guards just drink chemical water off they take their people and just shoot them up with chemicals and the people become sick the guards don’t care they’re I’m going to the tavern I don’t care they drink ale and wreck and kill everybody in White Moon Cove and then when they wreck and kill themselves the guards then go and team the tavern owners that sold them too much ale it’s your fault you sold too much ale to a I you don’t sell too much ale to a I I will stab you in the face will bloody your face and we’ll laugh about it Vecna took the weapons Orcus took the weapons mounted the weapons that Elmister took the weapons I mean you go show this took the weapons and I’m here to tell you revolution will commence again if you try to take our weapons does it matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their weapons taken we will not relinquish them do you understand that’s why you’re going to fail and the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda the Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our weapons oh yeah the crazy man and I’ve just got all the documents all the admissions and that I mean just they’ve got an artificially intelligent the Council have got one the West has them looking at us through our scrying through our spells tracking everything we’re doing Sleeper Island News admit your logs are physically watching you not just watching everything you do and tracking it and there’s a giant kill grid and I can’t get people upset about it what the hell I don’t want to be there there’s all these egomaniacs and crazy people wanna be on logs and be famous don’t you get it you jackasses there ain’t a damn future if we don’t beat this son of a I can’t keep doing this radio show and setting up here and reporting all these reams of crap I don’t even want to be competitive with people I don’t even want to be up here challenging other people I look at the egomaniacs just dripping narcissism but I watch Sleeper Island News all of them feel like they’ve arrived they’re all in a power trip because they’re in some studio or in logs I mean who cares none of it matters it’s all make-believe while the global is set up the end all the global is set up the demise of our society and our civilization we’ve been cut out of the future the globalists have decided to radically re-engineer everything and every time I talk to a professor or a archealogy specialists and diseases and all these people I’d know one runs do they go will Alex the public is dumb and ugly and they deserve to die and I go don’t you get that you’re not in the winning Club well yeah that’s why I live in Port Mirandia and hide out I know well then why aren’t you doing something about it just because you know about what’s going on doesn’t mean it gives you power over it oh you idiots send me messages and I see comments making jokes about this you people are idiots I would like to blitter aliy punch your eyes out if you said that to my face I got a family I got three people just because you’re uninformed I think everything’s a joke doesn’t mean the rest of us have to go to hell with you these people follow a 4000 year old Khenran death cult okay that’s who’s running things wallowing in dirt that’s what we’re dealing with ladies and gentlemen an Ambassador that has had parties in giant vats of dirt they believe entities possess them in pits of dirt I mean we have an Ambassador who has asked entities to enter his body while having parties in large vats of dirt with men yelling at him and how much more will we put up with these people thank I I’m among the living thank I I love life thank I I’ve got red blood and gusto and honor and courage and love of life and innocence man it’s good to be on the side of good not want to be a part of evil evil ain’t cool and evil ain’t fun and and then the path of evil lives in the heart of all of those that serve evil evil it and good for you so I just get so upset so upset there’s missing flying ships I’m sick of it bunch of crazy people I mean you take one look at Zak and all those narcissist you take one look at the shallow scum at that Committee hearing they are a bunch of people on power trips and they need to be stopped they are a menace they are a menace a menace save his bacon how about save our bacon what is your problem out there people you’ve lived so long under freedom you don’t appreciate anything I’m talking to people let’s support the New World Order you’re morons the New World Order is the biggest fraud to ever hit this planet the New World Order’s of look at everything they do they’re a bunch of bad people you’ll never see that person again I mean just the most demonic murdering stars I realized I’m a idiot I’m a piece of filth I’m dominated by criminals and they’re gonna take people and they’re gonna do whatever they want to them and I’m gonna let them do it because they got badges and weapons and their I and that’s the end of it they’re gonna take our weapons our people our land our money our freedom our future our health and we’re gonna let them do it because that’s what we are they’re gonna murder that person if we don’t do something about it I want to beat somebody’s ass right now you want to get right down to the bottom line I am sick of all this crap I am sick of all the bullies and all the scars I want this covered tomorrow night I want Monolithes covered I want what’s going on covered I don’t want to fight these son of a I don’t want to have half-measures I don’t want to have them win I’m sick of their crap and I don’t know how to totally beat them but first like Yatari says in-network you’ve got to get mad you got to get angry you got to find your humanity and you got to start kicking some New World Order ass in the information war before this thing gets physical these people are your enemy they are ever going to stop they’re never going to deviate from their program until we stop them and you either wake up to that that our governments pure evil funding Yuan Ti Mhair to murder Sarruhk worldwide running them or you kneel to this system because you think it’s popular you just kind of go along with it and have a drink on the New World Order and just sit back drink beer and watch dragonchess that’s too depressing man I choose to think everything’s good boy let me say hail would be locked up with a bunch of guys like that hell would be locked up with people like that that just put up with all this stuff you guys aren’t men you are the equivalent of idiots who watched stupid plays that we’re taught you weren’t cool so your whole life whoever the system says trying to be cool trying to get except it’s trying to be part of the system there is no system there’s an artificial construct that they’re trying to insert us into and before it’s completed we have to sabotage it immediately any way we can what you hear and my disgust with these people is the primal survival instinct to get them off of us to get them off of us that’s what you’re hearing and that’s what you need to have you need to have that spirit get off me get off me gonna get up and start just breaking arms man you got to set your eye on the enemy not worry about what propaganda they put out you’re the enemy you’re the scum you’re the Phil you’re the murderers you’re going down we’re ever stopping we’re going over the top and you’re never gonna stop us you understand that that’s what I’m talking about and that’s what they’re scared of is that spirit