A near death experience while building a road

Party Members: Xenon, Naal, Zoren, Uzza Leader: Naal Scout: Naal (I wasn’t confident enough to scout due to my inexperience in road building. It turns out I was right.) Trailblazer: Xenon Day 1: After much delay, we set off from Ruined Oak to the northwest in order to...

Stepping into the Underdark from the Citadel

Party Members: Naal, Alizeh Stargazer, Salem, Zoren Luxford, Oogway, Xenon. Leader: Naal Scout: Alizeh Stargazer Trailblazer: Zoren Luxford Day 1: After a few minutes at the inn of the Swollen Tooth, which I had visited for the first time, we received a note with the...

Watch your head

With the Dwarfs (not Dwaff) of Talos on the move we decided to check out that back door to where we believe their fortress lie.