Gnolls of the Neathy Woods

Adventure arranged by Twee the goblin, inviting, besides myself and Avarace, for Griters the gnome Abjuration Wizard, Dakka Doon the brave goblin Rune Knight, Kaladin the stout halfling life Cleric, Yatari the faithful teifling servant of Asmodeus and Lore Bard and...

Artemisia vulgaris

After the first day, we returned to the Black Footpad Inn with both a full burlap sack of mugwort, and Wilson, a freshly potted mugwort plant. We enjoyed both a hearty meal, and the satisfying performance of a one Orpheus. A man grieving the loss of his beloved Eurydice. He believes that a satyr called Nacard might know her final resting place. We promised to keep an eye out for the goat man, and turned in for the night.