Date: 03/21/2020

By: Freyja

DM: Neal

Group: Bellamin, Frelsi, Freya, Grimlock, IronDonker, Kavor


We left early morning and traveled for the whole day, making great progress, and finally reaching the ruins as the sun was setting. Our leader, Grimlock, decided we should camp for the night and go in at the break of dawn, fully rested and with fresh minds. We couldn’t afford making any mistakes once we decided to go in, and the full day of travel left us all a little exhausted. 


There were signs of battle all over the entrance of the tunnel left from the previous mission, but the thick smoke that stalled their progress previously, was almost completely gone. So we advanced carefully. We encountered a couple cultists, but besides them the ground level was empty. On the eastern side there was a room with a large pit in the middle and a destroyed altar. Skeletons littered the room’s floor, noticeably, a large humanoid one and a serpent one, probably a naga of some kind, and the pit was filled with countless bones from all kinds of creatures.


We made our way to a staircase that lead us to the lower level…and there, things got more dangerous. First of all, the floor seemed to be covered in lava, but it turned out to be just a clever illusion. The traps that were hidden everywhere were very real though. And so was the fire creature that was the last defender of the place. The fight that ensured was a frustrating one initially. The Myrmidon just burned our arrows and most of our other attacks didn’t hit as hard as they would have on a beast. And on top of that, each time we had it cornered, it would teleport away and position itself behind traps. We had to chase it a bit before Kavor struck it with two powerful blows and incapacitated it and that gave me the opportunity to slash at it with my longsword and kill it. 


We made our way out for that forsaken place with all the loot we could find, including a much needed Health potion for myself, and then traveled back to town. 


We avenged the memory of Manek, completed the mission without anyone dying, fought a formidable enemy, found riches, and formed closer bonds with our comrades. I pray for many more adventures like this one!