Tl;dr: A second hub secured, with many yet uncleansed.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Area A3 secured.
•The dwarves have continued to add new products to their shops. More runes and now consumables.
•Forge effects, i.e. random null/wild magic zones, movement, madness, damage, intense gravity, etc. are known hazards in unsecured areas.
•Reminder that Forge defenses will disintegrate anything going above one hundred feet.

Session Title : Forge Assault the happening
Session DM : Geokhan
Session Date : 12 Sept 2021 @ 15:30 UTC

•”Trailblazer” Bardy (Bard 12/Cleric 1) with Sisyphus the Pegasus
•”Scout” Eight (Monk 13/Wizard 2)
Griters (Wizard 10)
Marrak (Wizard 14) with Blyze the Fire Elemental
Valorean (Paladin 6/Sorcerer 8) with Azure the Griffon
Zak (Barbarian 3/Fighter 11)

A second update to an ongoing adventure, previous entries can be found here:

In our continued efforts to help clear the forge we set out again, having little trouble reaching the teleportation circle. We were once again greeted by Klorpmunder. It was apparent upon arrival that the dwarves had expanded the fort area to include what we had managed to attune the A1 node on our previous visit. (Klorpmunder was visibly proud with the expansion.)


(I finally managed to pick up the individual names of The Vanguard members. The wizard is Soriturnnimal, the axe and javelin master is Brimstone and the heavy arms master is Ironbreaker.)

Soriturnnimal (left), Brimstone (right), and Ironbreaker (center)

There was a new addition to the crew there at the fort, a potion seller named Havisher. He sold various useful potions and consumables, some things akin to what adventurers might be able to craft. The dwarves had more runes and other equipment upgrades available as well.


We spent the night with the dwarves and set out in the morning, again trying to progress east. Immediately upon arrival a wild magic zone opened around us and then the chaos of battle. We were beset by large earth elementals, a lightning mist of some kind, and some otherworldly mists. One of the otherworldly mists rendered me unconscious briefly (until Sisyphus knocked me out of it,) with some strange ghostlike emission.

In addition to those were some statues of some kind that seemed magical, and were sensors of some kind. It was not until later in the chaos of battle that they were related to the most fearsome geometric monstrosity in the area. A hovering calamitous colossal conglomeration of cubes that shot out a ray of multitudinous miniscule missile cubes. Eight was nearly killed by this after he stumbled upon the Cube. Marrak was forced to retreat into a resilient sphere or be killed by that barrage.

We tried our best to eliminate the other more tangible threats before dealing with the Cube. Griters managed to somewhat contain the Cube with a Magic Hand, and Zak leapt atop it at one point. (During all of this we were randomly affected by the Forge chaos, frequently teleporting in random directions and one time gravity became so strong Sisyphus and I could not move.) The Cube seemed resistant to direct applications of magic. Eventually by chance, Blyze the Fire Elemental notice switches no one else had seen at the base of one of the statues(I fault myself for not noticing this sooner). A quick read (in dwarvish) said they were set to activate with the other option being deactivate.

Deactivating one statue caused a create commotion withing the collosal conglomeration of cubes, as it shuddered and seemed smaller after. Valorean sped around and pressed all the other buttons in quick succession and the cube was gone, leaving behind a magic stone much larger than the others previously found. (I am curious if the size will allow the dwarves even greater experiments or simply more raw material.)

We performed the ritual on the node with no issues after the battle, and returned to the dwarves once again cheering for our success in cleansing the hub at Area A3. We left shortly after to return to Ruined Oak as evening approached.