Date: 03/28/2020

By: Freyja

DM: Taka

Group: Clawe, Desdemona, Eruhin, Freyja, Frelsi, Zyla

Mission: Escort a group of owlbears to the Silent Forest


I’ve got to say, as far as missions go on this island, this one was pretty unusual. No one died, actually, I don’t think anyone got hurt too bad; we didn’t encounter any grotesque or diseased monsters, only some good old fashioned giant spiders; and the group we had to protect – not people, but owlbears… One adult owlbear and four chicks? cubs? chubs???

It all started while I was reading a book in the Bitter Dwarf Tavern when this mysterious cloaked man walked in and requested some help. His name was Ozymamdias and he seemed to know a few of the adventurers inside. He started talking to a tall, energetic tabaxi and a half-elf woman about how he needed help relocating a group of owlbears that we’re being chased out of their home up north. At this point, I couldn’t really help myself and introduce myself to the group, and a few others joined us shortly. We made a plan to take the road east to the Silent Forest and escort the creatures to a new safer home. Unfortunately, Ozymamdias was unable to accompany us, he mentioned needing to deal with threats up north, but he did give us a few holy stones that would help convey to the owlbears that we were friendly and there to help them (they actually ended up doing a little more than that – holy Dumathoin I was able to talk to an owlbear). 

We made our way a little north of the town where we were told the owlbears were hiding, and I have to tell you, owlbears chubs are the cutest little beasts you’ll ever see.

It wasn’t long before the spiders that were chasing them caught up with us, but we were a strong group and we’re successful in defeating them. Those giant spiders are persistent creatures, I tell you, we ended up fighting them a few more times, but eventually, we reached the Silent Forest and now the owlbears have a new home. If you happen to travel in the area and happen upon them, don’t be scared, but also don’t get too close either, they are peaceful and intelligent beings, they’re just trying to live their lives, and would only become aggressive if they feel threatened. 

Feels really good to have a successful mission once in a while, and feels even better to know you’ve formed new bonds with new people on this island