Mission Date: 3/6/21
Mission Name: Soul for a Soul


Friends, I am grateful that I am able to write this log, the group that volunteered their time and strength to clearing out the nest of the Undead has born fruit.

Strangeness abound with Sorrow Mountain, the undead nest we travelled to the undead seemed to pop in and out of existence replacing themselves with other undead. Upon arrival at the location we saw nothing then from thin air, or perhaps the ethereal plane the creatures appeared surrounding us. A statue that OOOZED Necromancy proceeded to target us with unyielding bolts of magic, and Boulders thrown with no visible outward display of force. we fought against swirling masses of bones Should you ever fight these creatures, spread out the undulating mass is dangerous to anything that is close to it, and so far I have seen them “walk” for lack of a better term and fly.

Thanks to the steadfast of the party, we managed to defeat what I now believe to be wardens of a sort, to make sure that a being did not escape. for we found this prison within.

Choosing to destroy the prison a ghostly visage of a elven woman whom thanked us for freeing her.
I am unsure if she was sentient or a remnant of a memory. Either way she spoke in Elven and said “Thank you for freeing me, I was under the Winter Wraiths curse, please destroy it. I was tricked and bounded by my love for this land, The Winter Wraith is an abomination on this land, Seek out the shrine to the north, my spirit now wanes.”

While what she said was seeming in response to questions I believe it could have simply been a message for whomever freed her spirit and not responding to our questions.

At this time we did not seek out the shrine, and will endeavor to do so at a later date, our job is not yet done.

Please refer to previous Logs if you wish to know more

Stay safe out there,
Marcus Wellspring