DM: KRForget

Sapphire by Arden
Damian by Waylander
Aodh by RCB
Nunde by Trulhammaren
Kirnis by Genthrock

A group was gathered to continue the investigation into the Tomb Raiders below the Tempest Plains following the last few endeavours into the region. (See: Clearing a cultist crypt entrance | Sleeper Island EU and To Everything (Undead), Turn, Turn, Turn | Sleeper Island EU )

Red = Undead overland
Black = Rough directional of the tunnels

As we traveled along the road from Ruined Oak, Aodh noticed from his watch that there was a massive group of creatures traveling along the Briarwall. The group, seeing this as a potential attack on Ruined Oak, continued to trail the horde over the course of at least two weeks. The above map depicts roughly the direction and means of travel for the horde. Given previous information gathered, it is likely these hordes are being gathered from the sight in the Tempest Plains previously visited, or nearby, from the ancient- and likely Muldorian- tombs in the area. There was additionally a marked rest area along the tunnels northwest of the Whisper Woods that may have had more to it, but we were unable to discern if there were any hidden passageways there at the time.

The outlet for the horde’s travel leads to the Caverns below a site known in our records as Black Chasm Keep, under the watch of a Mister Coel. ( Below Blackchasm Keep | Sleeper Island EU ) The group of Tomb Raiders associated with the symbol was also seen making contact with a Yuan Ti faction north from there in the lost city of Zelmada, likely connected with the Necromantrix Netsoashu ( To The Dark City Came | Sleeper Island EU ).

These movements continue to suggest that forces are being amassed at Black Chasm Keep, not far from Port Mirandia, but the broader goal of the Skeleton Crew, their motivations in targeting, their other aims, continue to elude our scout’s eyes. It is still unclear what underground passages lie elsewhere across the island. It is still unclear what our people must do to respond. I will be at the Cairn, and please, let me know if there is anything you all need.