Flying Defenders

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Newly arrived in the societies of White Moon Cove and Ruined Oak are Quinn and Valor. An inseparable pair that work together to strike down their enemies from above. With Valor’s wings and talons and Quinn’s deadly aim it takes a powerful threat to evade their sights.


Learn the ways of the wild

Using their powerful natural magics and coordination the pair are able to mark enemies, heal allies, and send storms of arrows to clear away even armies. 

Adventure Overview


Action, Adventure, Shooter

Release Date

Tarsakh 30


Elegant Themes


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The gang in the tavern mentioned some strange mine to the south of White Moon Cove, west of the swamp, so Valor and I decided to join in. We kept a watchful eye out for them along the road up until we reached the mine.

The entire floor was covered in strange grubs and squishy things so we decided to fly around inside to keep ourselves moving. Not too long after we entered did the party encounter some cultists and two massive undead. Tramenor unleashed spikes from the ground that ripped the zombies apart while the rest of us attacked them. Then the cultists grouped up and I fired a hail of thorns at them, killing one and wounding two others.

The cultists then summoned a giant scorpion that ended up becoming Tramenor’s best friend for life… (I fed it a bunch of goodberries) and killed some of the cultists in the process. The last one ran away and we went to rest. A few minutes after we started our rest we were attacked by two half orc/half giants that tried to fell me like some kind of lumberjack. I explained in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t a tree and fired arrows into their eyes. 

After that we dealt with skeletons, giant frogs, and spiders. All sufficiently freaky enough that we decided to come back at a later date – leaving the pulsing portal of elder god based magic to remain. 

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I held the scroll out in shield hand, waved unfamiliar gestures while speaking exotic words to cast Banishment. The sound of a thousands trees waving in a storm showered us with sound as it crescendo into a pop. I asked the party to ready Their weapons for if it returned. It did not.

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