Deep within an unknown jungle lies a mysterious Ziggurat. Within the central chamber atop this Ziggurat is the portal bearing the response beacon for GQE. Having heard that its guardians had been vanquished, our group went forth to act as scapegoats Wayfinders through this jungle expanse. First we ventured east and found death…. then we ventured west and found really violent people who were nice enough to stop shooting me in the face…. lastly we looped around to the south and found a godsdamned dinosaur… seriously this jungle sucks.


Map Notes

The center of the map is the Ziggurat where the portal is for GQE. The arrows are roughly 6 miles across.

Scary Face

To the east we fought a pair of undead with massive mouths. We managed to take them down, but not without a casualty. 

Jarnek is now buried there.

Crossed Spears

To the west lies the Lapendi Plains, filled with many nomadic hunting tribes. They informed us of the lizardfolk and “snake-men” living in the jungle where the Ziggurat is, leading me to think this area is where the Yuan-ti I read about in logs came from. Perhaps this is the “Jungle to the far South”.Marrek

Dino Bones

The final resting place of a t-rex we managed to defeat when it came at us hungrily. It tried to eat Wenbul but we managed to kill it and heal him before it could run off with his unconscious form. 

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There are tons of other logs to read, try them out and see for yourself.

Bradwick’s FOT 1

I held the scroll out in shield hand, waved unfamiliar gestures while speaking exotic words to cast Banishment. The sound of a thousands trees waving in a storm showered us with sound as it crescendo into a pop. I asked the party to ready Their weapons for if it returned. It did not.

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Stronger Together

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The Importance of Soap

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Rescue Mission Near Ruined Oak

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