TLDR; We sailed out to the ruins to find many boats together attacked by chuul that were controled my some strange mage. After killing them and diving underwater to kill the mage we found that the captain of these ships were Slavier who we were looking for. He gave us a cryptic and the location of Gringal (in a forest on the northern most tip of the island). The cryptic had a message from Clerics wife and the master.

DM: Omelette
Date: November 11th – December 9th


  • Slissezh (Warlock 5) (TheOddity)
  • Galli (Wizard 6) (tiffthatsit)
  • Beralt (Blood Hunter 5) (Espada)
  • Vivi (Sorcerer 8) (Konopa)
  • Lyn (Ranger 5) (Qarlynd)
  • Alessio (Fighter 5/Ranger 2/Cleric 1) (naiiz)

A trip on the sea

We had gathered clues pointing towards Slavier, one of the masters sons, were above the underwater ruins north of Port Mirandia. We were uncertain of if he was a friend of foe considering the letter we found before and decided to pay him a visit. We went to the harbor to rent a ship that could take us to the ruins, uncertain if he was above or below the water surface. In the harbor we met a strange woman trying to make us hire her, and after a quick conversation with the harbor master, we decided to hire her despite being untested. She introduced herself as Bonny and told us her crew were Bon-bon and Charlette, who were first seen as a chicken. Some stormy weather on the way otherwise no mishaps until we started to see the some light in the distance. Getting closer we saw many ships together with lanterns creating the lights.

Charlettes chicken form

Unfortunate timing

The habitants of the ships were fighting some large crab creatures that were later identified as Chuul which were going after a group of children. We rapidly dispatched of the crabs and started to walk to the other side where there were more people gathered. We were met by someone referred to as “The Captain” who were suspicious but after getting to know we helped his people he became less so. With the kids were a thiefling woman named Freya. After a short talk it became clear that the crew how took us here had stolen the ship Merry-Life from the captain and had been on the run for quite some time. We went into the cabin of the ship to talk the the captain and Freya were it became clear he had some special connection with the ship. As the food was being prepared there were screams outside and the kids had been captured and dragged down into the sea. The captain had no sense and ran after the kids immediately while we took some time to recover from the previous fight. Fortuitously I had prepared us all with a spell of water breathing so we could follow the captain down, after we got some direction of where the chuuls’ hideouts were. After passing some chuul guarding some eggs on the way we found a cave that were described to us and continued in. We found the captains sword on the way and then ran into some traps that had managed to knock the captain unconscious. We healed him up and he joined us.

The Captain

A strange encounter

After following the tracks of the chuul and the children we came upon a creature who were trying to do some kind of ritual with the children and were controlling the chuul. She were together with a some chuul but Galli managed to slow many of them. But as we were damaging her she was siphoning the life force from the chuul to sustain herself, killing them in the process. But eventually we managed to kill her and the rest of the chuul to find the children inside some strange creature almost passed out from lack of air.

We dragged them to the surface and they had all survived and disposed of the strange air bubble creature. Back on the ship the book I acquired from Destras library had changed the picture of Slavier to the picture of the captain, presumably from our contact with him. Finally finding the one we were seeking.

Interrogations and conversations

Vivi managed to bring the captain back to us for an interrogation, were we found out that the note we found before was probably a setup from the twin sister to fool us to kill him, since he was not on the masters side. He was chocked at the news of the masters doing and seemed like he had some bad childhood memories and were not very up to date on his family. He gave us the possible location of another son named Gringal, “He was living in a forest on the northern most tip of the island”. Other than that he didn’t have that much information to offer. Then there was a party and I went to meet up with the captain who still hadn’t showed up and had a conversation with him. I didn’t have time to learn much but for that the sisters (Hastro and Histro) works alone and are afraid of ghosts before his daughter came holding another of these cryptics that have the ciphers to the masters books that Merula has. It had been given to her in Port Mirandia a couple of weeks ago. Opening the cryptic with the unsurprising key “slavier” we found one note in gnomish from Streams (Cleric’s wife) that said she were supposed to hide this cryptic with Slavier in the hope of it getting dumped in the ocean never to be found. Another note in elvish for Slavier in case he opened it to dump it in the ocean and return to the masters service or be killed, and a death treat to us as well.