The Hunt for Tzaran

DM: Geokhan PCs: Red, Aldwin, Dust, Eddings, Grey and yours truly: Naal.       Tzaran in plate, his bloody lord, and his horde fleeing from us The expedition had the aim of ganking Tzaran up in his keep atop the Jub Jubs, since most of his forces seem...
The Forge Awakens

The Forge Awakens

Thought you were done killin’ dwarves? Think again. Just Southeast of the Swollen Tooth is a large mountain. Even among the others in the range it stands tall. Beneath it lies The Forge. If you’re unfamiliar with the ancient citadels or dwarves of Talos, I...

Home invasion!

It was like a purple worm but smaller, and with tendrils coming out of its mouth. The thing ate a Horc’ in a single gulp, as we rushed in.

A forest of horror and death

Whispers of Doom DM-DGM Players: Chemist, Olfsiem, Cynder, Lyric, Aldwin, Equinox, Tar I had made it back to Ruined Oak to check on my friend Buddy, when I heard there was a group that was forming to check out the Whispering woods. Since I had not had any success on...