The curious case of the missing tomb

a woman, charred and mutilated, clawing herself out of the burning remains of her home. Her limbs twisted at unreal angles with sickening snaps, the stench of burn hair and flesh assaulting my senses. The vertebra in her neck snapped and broke as her head turned to witness me, when a hand pulled on my

Of Wells and Winding Paths

Day 1: We set off from the Axe and Thistle moving north into the forest, searching for a certain tomb mentioned by the bandits we came across in “Of Shadows and Scarves”. The road was uneventful, except for signs of a minor scuffle. Night 1: The first three watches...

Of Shadows and Scarves

Day 1: On the trail, we met four guards carrying two bandits who “gave themselves up to the law.” They spoke of the rest of the bandits losing their faces (?) and we decided to investigate. Someone (Zilgram, I believe?) cast Suggestion to get the location of the camp....