It was suppose to be a quick trip

Or should I say WHERE A FLIPPING CRATER WAS. Holy hot nine hell’s, even miles out we were sweating like Isaac in a Anti-Magic field. As we got closer we started cooking alive, even me! Your adorable Tiefling heroine, was feeling literal fatigue just from the heat! This place was hotter then yours truly drizzled in honey!

Home invasion!

It was like a purple worm but smaller, and with tendrils coming out of its mouth. The thing ate a Horc’ in a single gulp, as we rushed in.

The way to open The Way

Isaac must have finished using every spell he owned on every object he found, because he came by and rounded up Haru, Phil, Ragnar, and myself to go find new and exciting objects to over-study. This time he wanted us to go make contact with that giant fortress that stretches between one of the only gaps in the mountain range east of RO.

Dear diary, Fly by

So, everyone seemingly board with all the current things trying to kill us on this rock, decided we should set out and find new and interesting things that want to kill us. With Isaac riding a rug (jokes) and Ragna and I on Pegasus’s all that left was Sylvan to double up with me on Bubbles. Tell yea whhhhat, Flying is the best way to travel. We made great time sweeping north west from Swollen Tooth Inn.