To err is human

To err is human

But that doesn’t make it excusable.  Let me tell you about how these idiots tried to get us all killed… The job was brigands.  I have nothin’ against killing humans so I was happy to sign up.  Everything was tolerable on the first day up...

Mr. Snowman is a Brad

I chucked a magic snowball at him and he batted it back at me. It hit me in the CROTCH it freaking hurt and then Irondan was all hey Rueb, you mind curing my gnolls virus, and I’m like can’t you see I’m HURT! and then he was like it will make you stronger.

Another arduous road building mission.

Characters: Tingork, Sixer, Zoren, Mine, Ashtodon, Ragrik Stonefist Leader: Sixer Scout: Ragrik (…) Trailblazer: Tingork Day 1: We headed out from Ruined Oak to build a road to the north. The road was sponsored by Gronk. Tingork and Mine went out to hunt for...