Mr. Snowman is a Brad

I chucked a magic snowball at him and he batted it back at me. It hit me in the CROTCH it freaking hurt and then Irondan was all hey Rueb, you mind curing my gnolls virus, and I’m like can’t you see I’m HURT! and then he was like it will make you stronger.

A Report: Crystal Cavern Scouting

A Report: Crystal Cavern Scouting List of Actors Stan playing BCS a Rogue 1,Wizard 1 Neal playing Durnek a BrbMnk 4 Armagite playing Kaleb a warlock 2 MrEd playing Cade a Warlock(COFSA) 3 Seph playing Ruebekka a Druid 4 Tiny Richard playing Arkim a Wizard 1 DM Geokhan...

Fashion Hunting is in This Season

The party scattered out fanning out behind me. I recalled Nying stating he was hardy but he was not interested in proving that, nor was Kylgore. Those stupid doody heads left me all alone.

A Bearable but Not Terrible Tale

Emily quickly tied a rope around me and then kicked me off the cliff without warning me! I could have died! But I didn’t and I wasn’t able to reach the fairy in time sadly…