Mr. Snowman is a Brad

I chucked a magic snowball at him and he batted it back at me. It hit me in the CROTCH it freaking hurt and then Irondan was all hey Rueb, you mind curing my gnolls virus, and I’m like can’t you see I’m HURT! and then he was like it will make you stronger.

Artemisia vulgaris

After the first day, we returned to the Black Footpad Inn with both a full burlap sack of mugwort, and Wilson, a freshly potted mugwort plant. We enjoyed both a hearty meal, and the satisfying performance of a one Orpheus. A man grieving the loss of his beloved Eurydice. He believes that a satyr called Nacard might know her final resting place. We promised to keep an eye out for the goat man, and turned in for the night.

Picking Flowers on “Death Island”

Stood under a tree near the edge of the copse of White Moon Cove, 6 brave souls introduced themselves before adventure. Regardless of the dark sky and the cold that accompanied the change of season, we all followed the directives of our employer and met away from...